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Best glitch page ever made

These glitches are ALL real. Most of these glitches will not work if you have a red cartridge(the thing you need for donkey kong). We will not accept a glitch until it has been proved or unless it comes with a screen shot. plzz include some name to go with the e-mail so we can identify u if we get multiple emails from u. Now here they are.
the ones without names are from the boys
here's an easy one as a kid equip the hylian sheild. Hold R then push start and equip the deku sheild. You will now be hovering in mid-air!!
Swordless Link
This glitch activates many other glitches, so that is why I am putting it first. First you go to gannon's castle and beat gannondorf, then run down to the bottom of the tower. Then when gannon knocks link's sword away save and RESTART. You should be in the temmple of time with no sword!!
Items on Epona
Do swordless link. Go outside and call epona, get on her and try taking out some items, and it will work!! the ocarina and deku nuts make link get off though.
Farore's wind glitch
This is a Secret groto original glitch. do swordless link. Then get on epona and cast farores wind. You will now be able to use farores wind anywhere in hyrule! This will help you get from place to place easily. From gerudo valley, to kokiri forest entrence!
Blue Haze
Do swordless link. Go to Lon Lon Ranch do the horse race link. Take out the ocarina (which you should be able to do) and play the song of storms. A blue haze appears. This also works In Gerudo Archery thing
Do swordless link. Get on epona and go to the bridge in the valley hookshot to the hookshot targets link will be in the air and will fly!!!
Easy Ruppes
First have ALOT of bottles (5+) then catch a bug. Then let the bug lose and three more will come out. Then catch those in seperate bottles. Repeat this process Until your bottles are all full. Then, sell them to the person at the markwt/kakariko for 50 ruppess a piece!!!
Swordless and sheildless (cool)
start a new game. Go to where the guy blocking your path is, then slowly (this is known as crooked cartridge) tilt right on your n64 cartridge!!! If you did this right, link should be on the bridge and the cutscene with Saria will come up.
This also works with the deku tree, the rocks in front of zora's domain, the gate blocking you from daeth mountain, and even in Majora's mask!! Remember Tilt the N64 cartridge NOT the game.
endless Bottles
this is a good one, go to any secret grotto, and go to one of the little puddles with the fish in it. Then swipe at the fish, when he gets like a quarter of the way through the swipe, press start and switch the bottle with another item!!! It will be a bottle
here's a good screenshot from the oddesy of hyrule.
Gold skullata's easily!!!
Are there more than 100 skullatas?? go to the secret grotto by the tree in by kakariko village(not in it but in front of it) go down the hole and kill the skullata.  Target  the token and throw the boomerang at it, while the boomerang is retrieving it run to the exit. The game will count the token and the skulklata will be there! repeat as many times as you want.
Debug mode
This is an oddesey of hyrule original glitch and much credit must be given to video gamer x and his spectacular site. This is a way you can open up the debug mode of the game, you can aso reprogram the game doing this. Be careful this can screw up your entire game!! We suggest a rental or a game that's not yours.
go to the temple of time and SLOWLY tilt the game pack to the right, the game should lag and the sound should be screwed up. Have link jump around a bit to to make it even MORE laggy. Then a green bar should appear in the cornor of your screen (screenshot )

then put in the following code to open the debug mode.
 L button + R button + Z button
* Control pad UP + "C" DOWN
* "C" UP + Control pad DOWN
* Control pad LEFT + "C" button left
* "C" RIGHT + Control pad RIGHT
* A button + B button + Start Button
If you did it right you should be able to mess up your game!!!
Gannon's castle glitch
We recieved this glitch annomynously. You also need a gameshark. Put in the code press L to levitate and go to gannon's castle. You can then go to gannon's castle without rescuing all the sages!! That's not all. Then hover underneath His castle and you can go to the other side!!!

Ocarina of time without spiritual stones
here's a good one. Do the bottle code on the fairy ocarina, then go and learn zeldas lullaby, but when impa tells Link to play, He'll be playing the Ocarina Of time!


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