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John Logans Story

We all have heard the rumors, we all have seen the "real" screenshots. And the first trailer for ocarina of time CLEARLY shows link can get the triforce!! But has there really been any proof? I have read over 20 rumors on how to get it. One saying you throw a bomb in the middle of the lava pit in Gannons castle. One saying you reprogram the game. And we all have heard of arriana and her story. But is there really any way u can get it? There are so many things pointing to it, it's on the quest status screen, you can stop Gannon, rocks in the middle of no were. IVE EVEN SEEN SCREENSHOTS OF LINK GETTING IT!! So the answer is clear. There is or WAS a obtainable triforce in ocarina of time. If you have any REAL lead/way to get to the triforce, you will be honored among zelda fans!!! Any story will be posted along with any screen shot. For all you who have not seen ariana's hoax, here are the screen shots she sent in of link getting the triforce.
This also came with a story about Rarua, the light temple, and a song called the overture of sages.
these pictures were prooved fake within a few weeks. the first one Link's hat is a little to long. The words Temple of Light look a litlle transparent, Link' is also playing the ocarina of time when he learns the "song". And the big thing was Link's sword IS ON THE WRONG SIDE But it does give some insight into Kaepoora gaeboora ( the owl who is really Rarua). Maybe he has some sort of connection to it? Sheikian boy will look into this
Here is another interesting story
Well here it is First of all you have to have already beaten the game and viewed the ended. OK this next part is a little tricky but of course a secret like this isn't going to be easy! It dosnt matter if you've died already but you do have to have all 100 skulltullas (a reward a little more satisfying than that gold rupee huh). You don't have to have all the heart pieces either. First blow all the gossip stones into space using the bombs. You must keep track with which ones youve already shot off because they reappear (note: leave the 4 stones infront of the temple of time because you can't bomb them). Once this long feat is completed go to Link's house. Now play the song of time anywhere in his house ( you won't hear any noise but trust me it's working). Now go to Lon Lon Ranch and stand infront of Malon. Again play the song of time. Now play the same song once more any where inside the windmill in Kakorika village. Now this next part really suprised me. OK now return to links house and guess who will be waiting for you ...dark link.he will be sitting on the center table.he won't talk to you until you play sarias song. then after a short conversation he will teach you a very important song "the song of the sages"(you must remember it because it won't appear on the quest status menu) which will warp you to the sacred realm (this song will not work any where except in front of the 3 spiritual stones.( there will be a platform there, so it is sort of obvious where to play the song). At your arrival at the sacred realm you will find that all of the sages have been trapped in a large cage by Ganon. They tell you that the only way to set them free, save hyrule, and obtain the entire triforce is to defeat Ganon again. They combined their power to form another rainbow bridge leading down to a door. inside you will see the triforce.( it is not the same as your screenshot) if you walk towards the triforce, a green sphere will appear around it. ganon will fall from the ceiling and the fight will start. he will suck all of your weapons and shields and you will have to use the kid sword. It took me 52or 53 tries to finally defeat soon as he is dead, the sphere around the triforce disappears. Hyrules returns to normal, the sages are rescused, and Zelda becomes ruler of Hyrule.and most important the triforce is yours (and it does show up on your quest status sheet).I know your probably not believing this but trust me. You won't regret it because the satisfaction of finally obtaining the triforce is great .
This one has been proved false as well because in reality, you can't actually "beat the game" you can only save while fighting gannon. Also, you can't fight gannon until you have beaten gannondorf for one reason. Gannon is gannondorf's rage, combined with the triforce of power!!!! But, once again, this may be some sort of lead. THE GOSSIP STONES. besides the time (which nobody cares about) and the useless information they provide, they APPEAR to have no furthur value. So this may also provide some insight. Until then we can only hope
Here is an interesting video Kokirian boy found while surfing the web
We are not sure if this is fake, because it could easily be. But if you listen closely to the end, you will hear the deku tree music? Strange...
Intereseting isn't it?
Another interesting video at the bottom of page from beyond cheating. Also strange. It's a gameshark code to make it the beta versoin of da game. The same version the triforce is in.


Link getting the t-force
Link getting the t-force again.
triforce on quest status

Thank you oddesey of hyrule for screenshots

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