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Play zelda on your computer!!

After years of waiting, it is now possible. Thanks to 1964 and roms you can now play zelda on your cpu!! We are all very excited about this amazing turn of events.
OK. First hit the download file here button at the bottom of the page. This is the emulator. This is what allows you to play the game.
        After you've downloaded that, go to the plug-in settings at the top and hit inputt settings. Now you set the controls the way you want it to be.
           After you've done THAT. Click to donload the game itself.
           Now you open 1964 nd hit the open rom button and select ocarina of time.
Since you've alredy set the controlls (that was the input part), hit alt enter to go to full screen. ENJOY!
Pros and cons of roms
1 Built in gameshark
2 you selsct  the controls
3 free zelda on your computer
4 more of a challenge
1 glitchy
2 graphics are a little less quality
3 can sometimes freeze your cpu
4 more game crashes.

click here to download file

Any problems contact us

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