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is there a triforce in the beta game????????

Yes. It is VERY possible that you can get the triforce in the beta version of the game. Why?? Because the triforcce is DEFFINATELY in the beggings of the game. Here are a couple of rumors from beta zelda 64
Chris S says:
You can see the triforce but you need a gameshark. Go to the beta quest and enter the castle to go to the "the end" screen. Moonjump over the wall and fall into the invisible water. Press c-up and look around, you'll see the triforce!
BZ64 say: This is true and it's possible. You can't get to the triforce because it's actually just links hand (that's why the right triangle is brighter than the rest).
Yes this IS true, and it is on the triforce page. But, as the site pointed out. It is just the back of Link's hand.
Roy Smith says:
You can get the triforce! Go on the beta quest and play the prelude of light. After the cutscene (you need a ROM of the game or it will freeze) play the song of time outside of the door of time. Another cutscene will appear and the triforce will glow. Then play the prelude of light again and you will end up in the chamber of sages. Speaking to Rarau will make the game freeze so go to the highest platform. Then play the song of time and you will go to a dark room with all the sages around it. Speak to them in order of completing the temple and then speak to zelda (who looks really funny on one of the side platforms. She will give you the triforce.
BZ64 say: Sounds interesting but as ROMs are virtually impossible to get we can't try this out. If anyone can try this out drop me a line and see if it works...

As BZ64 pointed out, roms are extremly hard to get. UNLESS you've been on this site. Go to the roms and emulators page and follow the directions, Sheiken boy will try this out and if confirmed, WE WILL BE HAPPY!!!!

James K says:
Triforce is very possible to get. What ya need to do is go on the beta quest with specific things lean code. Go to zoras fountain (01) to get to the ocarina pedastel. Go on the pedastel and play the song of storms. The screen should go all funny and green and then you levitate into Jabu-Jabu. When you inside (you should be in some water) press R for cutscene and watch the cutscene of Jabu Jabu eating link. Then when your in him play the prelude of light and warp to temple of tiime. Play song of time then go out of the temple. Levitate over the gossip stones and go down the path on the temple of time. Press R for cutscene and you'll go to the chamber of sages. Then you can get the triforce!!!
BZ64 say: Sounds interesting with bits of truths in there, but you can't get the Triforce this way.

Now I wouldn't say you couldn't get this way because there is DEFINATELY a path by the temple of time, and you CAN go to the chamber of sages. But this will also be attempted.

Any leads or ways will be GREATLY appreciated.



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