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The truth about the triforce

Hello. My name is John Logan and I have found (for real) THE TRIFORCE!!!!! I have included a screenshot and I will let you use it if you give me full credit for it.
Please give me credit and honor for finding it.
This is the email that he sent us along with the following screenshot.


At first we thought this was all fake. The triforce looked al little blurry. But after scaling the entire picture we found that there was nothing wrong with it!!! He included no story but we recieved another email the next day.


Hey I noticed you didnt add my picture yet. Do you think I'm  lying?? If you do I'll send it to oddesey or sumthin else... So heres the first half of my story.


I am not going to tell you what you must do before you can find it, but you MUST be a kid (as you can see) and you must have the ocarina of time.

So you first go to death mountain and go to Dodongo's cavern.

(this is the part that im not tellin you)

After you have done that, play the song of time in front of saria.

That wierd da da du do da dum should play and saria will look up at you.

She will say somthing like I understand what is going and I must help you or sumthin.

She will fix the bridge that goes to the forest temple.

No enimies will be in your way just follow saria down to the room with where phantom Gannon was.

The blue thing will be there and the forest medallion pedastal thing.

She will say follow me.

You will warp to the chamber of sages and Saria will talk and Rauru will be there too.

Rauru will say nice to see you again Link.

He will turn into kaepoora geboora.

A walkway will appear behind Rauru/Kaepoora Gaeboora

Go down the walkway through the portal thing. You will end up in the templ of time.

there will be no exit and the door of time will be closed.

Play the song of time and it will open.

Zelda will come in through another blue portal thing

She will say " dont touch that" when link gets close to the master sword.

She will jump out in front of Link ad it will go to another scene with the rain and the goddesses and the triforce(like the creation scene and the scene zelda shows link when they first meet)

She will explain that the one to pull the master sword would be trapped in the sacred realm for seven years and anyone else would in the temple of time would go to.

so completely ignoring the prophecy ZELDA pulled the master sword out!!!!!

And Link appears in a dark cave next to zelda.

If you try to talk to zelda it will say"..."

Go down the cave and you will past a bunch of gohsts, spirits, and dead things.

You will appear in a fairyish fountain place with a bunch of unicorns.

Play the song of time on the triforce in the middle.

You will warp to the end of the cave again!!! and this time the triforce will come down over links head all three pieces will be spinning like when the medallions come over his head. There will be a big flash of light and the triforce will be one piece. Then the screenshot will come up.

Then you will end up in front of the master sword pedastal and Gannondorf will be standing in front of you, looking at the pedastal, murmuring to himself.

He will look at link and then link will slash at him.

There will be another huge flash and gannondorf will be gone.

Zelda will come down and talk to Link and she will explain Gannondorf was absorbed into the triforce's power because of his greed.

You will hear an evil laugh and it will diminish.

Then it will go to the temple of time music and Link and zelda will just be standing in front of the master sword. Zelda will say he's gone and she'll turn around and walk away towards the exit and the save screen will come up. Hit yes and you will start in links house and the triforce will be on links quest status.

It doesnt do much, you have unlimited ruppes, arrows, bombs, etc.(not hearts or magic) and the game will kick off from there. I will tell everyone the first step in dodongos cavern in about a month not until i get some respect. If you want to email me. its
OK were pretty sure this is fake now, because of the "Triforcehoax.jpg"
if you roll the mouse over it. Also, you'll relize that the textbox isnt transparent like it's upposed to be. So now the only thing we're missing is WHERE he took the screenshot(assuming it's fake).

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