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Note: None of the "boys" wrote this walkthrough. We must thank rpg classics for it. If u see any words underlined/etc. plzz ignore them.
deku scrub
The story begins with a cutscene (as most games do.) Link is travelling through a dark mysterious forest along with his trusty ... pony, Epona. The Skull kid appears, scares the crap out of Epona and lifts your ocarina while you are unconscious. He doesn't stop there. He then rides off with Epona, leaving you alone and possibly hungry.

You can now take control. Cut all the weeds ahead (you can snag about 15 rupees) and walk through the tunnel. You come across tree stumps, but don't jump on them yet. To the right, you'll see more weeds arranged in a circle. Cut them (as soon as you cut one, they will dance around and eventually disappear.) Cut down as many as you can (normally around four.) They all will yield one rupees each. Now you may jump from one stump to the other in the next tunnel. Link will fall into a huge pit full of crazy, flashing light animal thingies (I swear I saw Jigglypuff float by.) It looks like it's the end....

Phew! Saved by the Deku flower. The Skull Kid will tell you he got rid of Epona and transform you into a glorified puppet... I mean Deku Scrub. The Skull kid will exit and leave a fairy behind.

You have control again. Go to the left of the door and practise using your new body by cutting more weeds using the Deku spin attack by running and pressing the A button. I might add that it is indeed possible to get them all before they finish their crazy weed dance. After the weeds have dispersed, open the door, walk down the tunnel and you will hear the sound of the fairy that to this day still haunts my dreams.

Ring-ring? RING-RING?!?! This fairy makes me miss Navi's "Hey!" "Listen!" everytime I hear it. WHY?! Well, it can't be helped. Tatl is your new bicycle bell... I mean fairy.

Now you should practise using Link's Deku Flower Glide. Stand on the pink flower until your Action Icon says "Dive" (the blue icon on the top of the screen... thank you, Navi ^_^ and I do mean Navi!! Oh, Ocarina of Time, how I long for thee.) Hold A until Link is in the flower and a puff of smoke comes out of it. Release A and Link will launch out of the flower holding two "helicopter propeller" flowers. Use the joystick to steer where you want to go and hit A to let go of the flowers and drop. If you go too far with the flowers, Link will kick his legs and eventually let go on his own so be careful. Before you flower glide to the door across the room, jump down to the left and cut down the weeds for more rupees. Go to the other end of the room, flower glide to the top-most flower by the entrance and use that flower to glide to the door.

In the next room, flower glide forward to the flower a little to the left , then again to the platform with the chest. Open it and you'll get Deku nuts. 10 of them! Deku nuts are a C-button items (Hit start, scroll to the "Select Item Subscreen", highlight the nuts and hit either C-left, C-down or C-right. You can also use them while flower guilding by pressing B.) Once you've collected the nuts, flower glide to the next platform. It's a little hard to see. Go straight (facing the exit) and turn to the left once you see it. Go to the next platform. Tatl will teach you how to Z-target. Flower glide over to her once you're comfortable with Z-targeting, look at the creepy tree if you want and on through the tunnel.

Now you're in what looks like a mill (it's actually a clock....) Go up the ramp ahead and try to go out the door. It's the Happy Mask Shop guy. He says that his mask was stolen by the Skull kid and if Link gets it back along with his ocarina in three days, Link can be returned to his former, cute human (Hylian?) self. Leave through the door and you'll be in...

Clock town
You begin in South Clock Town. Time to go see our favourite, scantily clad fairy. THE GREAT FAIRY. She is in North Clock Town so go around the clock tower and through the door behing it. Once in North Clock Town, you'll see Tingle, a 35 year old who thinks he's a Kokiri... Buy his five rupee map and head to the cave on the left of where you came in from.

Nooooooooooooo! The Great Fairy of Magic has been broken. Find that stray fairy! The fairy has two location. By day, it hangs around the Laundry Pool. Just go to South Clock Town and up the large ramp beside the scaffold. As a Deku scrub, you can hop across the water five times before sinking to your watery grave so maybe practise doing that (it becomes important later.) Grab the fairy while skipping across the lil' river. The location of the other stray fairy is in East Clock Town (by night) and to get it, hop into the flower by the Treasure Chest shop and flower glide to it. Once you have that little fairy, go back to the Great Fairy's cave.

As a sign of gratitude, the Great Fairy grants you magic snot power!! Hold B and a giant snot bubble will form around your nose. The longer you hold B, the bigger the bubble gets, but it will eventually pop if you don't release B. The Great Fairy tells you that the man in the observatory may know where the Skull kid is. Exit the cave.

Now this is optional. To the left of the cave entrance is a Deku flower. You can flower glide over the fence to the right of the entrance. Go in the hole, walk up and play the rupee getting game. It costs 10 rupees so make sure you have enough. All you have to do is get on all the platforms that are moving around and get the rupee on top. You have to beat the record time and you can't hit the floor. This is an excellent way to practise flower gliding if you still suck at it. You win 50 rupees on Day One and Day Two, but if you win 3 days in a row, you get a piece of heart on Day Three. The game gets more challenging with each passing day. See Mini Games for a strategy.

Now go to East Clock Town (entrance is on the opposite side of North Clock Town from the Great Fairy's cave.) You should see a little kid jumping in front of an alley. Talk to him and he'll demand a code. You don't know said code so do what the little punk says and go see Jim in North Clock Town.

Practise using your snot bubble magic and pop that creepy balloon. Jim will be impressed and offer to teach you the code IF you can find all five kids in the most important hide and seek in your life. You must find these kids before dawn tomorrow (i.e. if it is Day One, you must find them by dawn of Day Two.) To catch them, get close enough to knock them out with a snot ball, but not too close that they run off. After you hit them with mucous, run into them. Here are their locations.

#1 - North Clock Town, in the area by the tree and slide

#2 - West Clock Town, up the stairs/ramp in the little empty area

#3 - East Clock Town, on the roof of the Stock Pot Inn (flower glide onto the roof)

#4 - East Clock Town, up the stairs by the alley (he is holding a cuckoo)

#5 - North Clock Town, hiding by tree next to the fence

You don't have to catch them in any order. The numbers I've given them just correspond to the numbers on the backs of their shirts. Once you have found them all, you'll be taken to North Clock Town and given the code, but they won't let join the Bomber's Society (even at a young age, they have prejudice against someone who looks different than they do...)

Anyways, go to East Clock Town, tell that PUNK the code and go down to the alley. To the right are platforms surrounded with water (you can't access the left side yet.) You have to skip from platform to platform to get down the right side. Once you come to the end, turn left and you'll encounter your first enemy, a skulltula (see Enemies.) Follow the tunnel and you'll have to pop another creepy balloon. Climb the ladder it reveals and head down the tunnel to the observatory. Up the spiral staircase and talk to the old man. He likes you. ^_^ He'll even let you use his telescope. Find the top of the clock tower and hit A to zoom. A cutscene ensues and varies from what time you look through the telescope. Hit B to stop looking through the scope, go to the door by the top of the stairs and outside we go. Pick up the Moon's Tear and go through the observatory to get back to East Clock Town.

Go to South Clock Town and walk near the yellow Deku flower. A Deku Scrub will accost you. Talk to him and he'll ask you for the Moon's Tear. When the "Press START to open the Select Item Subscreen. Choose and use an item with C." screen pops up, hit start, highlight the item you want, in this case the Moon's Tear, equip it to a C-button, hit start to exit the menu, bringing you back to the "Press START to open..." screen. Press the C-button you have equipped the item of choice to. The Deku Scrub will leave you the land deed to the flower and off he goes. Now you can get that piece of heart on top of the platform of the clock. If you have lots of time to kill before midnight of the Final Day you can get some more pieces of heart (see Pieces of Heart.) If not, just confront the skull kid.

If you still have some time before midnight of the Final Day, collect some rupees and deposit them into the bank in West Clock Town. If you get over 200 rupees deposited, you'll get an Adult's wallet which carries more than 99 rupees. It carries 200! w00t! And don't worry. Your rupees that you deposit into the bank get carried back through time so you don't have to start at zero everytime you save using the Song of Time (this will make sense to you later if you are confused now.) Any rupees that you are carrying around and haven't been deposited will be lost. -__- <-- This is a sad face.

OKAY! Once midnight of the Final Day comes around, you'll see a cutscene and the clock tower will open for you. Hop into the Deku flower in South Clock Town and flower glide to where the piece of heart is/was (depending if you got it yet.) Up the stairs for you!

Link will meet up with the Skull kid and Tael. Tael tells Link to bring four ... things to the clock town and the Skull kid smacks him good. The Skull kid then pulls a Dragonball Z move that pulls that hideous moon closer and faster than before. When you regain control, blow snot in his face! If you are lacking in magic, fill up with the giant green pots that encompass the entire area. He drops the ocarina so run over and snag it! A cutscene follows showing Princess Zelda and Link saying good-bye. Link remembers the Song of Time (see Songs) that Zelda taught him... Hmm... what to do?? Uh, equip your new item and play the only song you know, maybe? But wait, you're playing with pipes, not the ocarina! Apparently when you're transformed, things like musical instruments also change... o_O <-- This is a skeptical face. Well, play the song and save!

Hey, everything's back to normal (almost...) Head into the clock tower and talk to the Mask Salesman. He'll teach you the Song of Healing (see Songs.) Oops. You didn't hold up your end of the bargain by retrieving the stolen mask (Note how angry the Mask Salesman gets!) The stolen mask, known as Majora's Mask is evil and needs the evil to be sealed. That is your new task! Leave the clock tower.

Tatl suggests going south to Woodfall swamp, but just ignore her for now. She's full of crap anyways. We're going to collect things from Clock Town first. If you would prefer to go straight to Woodfall, skip this part.

First and foremost, play the Inverted Song of Time that the scarecrow in either the West Clock Town Item Shop or the observatory will teach you (see Songs.) This makes the clock run much slower, giving you twice as much time to do run around and save Termina.
Remember that the Great Fairy said she would give you a gift if you came to her in your true form. Well, now it's possible. Go to the Laundry Pool and pick up the stray fairy. Take it back to the Great Fairy's shrine in North Clock Town. She will give you your second mask, the Great Fairy mask (see Masks.) *shudder* That mask is not flattering at all on Link's tiny body.

Once you leave the shrine, go over to the tree with the piece of heart on it. Climb up onto one of the pillars, jump to the top of the slide, then jump to the pillar leading up to the tree and get that piece of heart. Let's join the Bomber's Society now.

Since you are no longer a Deku scrub, you can join (those haters...) There are two ways to become a member. You can either pop the creepy balloon as a Deku Scrub and return to human Link to talk to Jim. He'll play Hide and Seek again with you and if you win, you'll be accepted. The second way is to talk to the "guard" in East Clock Town and tell him the code (since you already know it from your previous adventures.) Go down the alley, enter and exit the sewer. Jim will stop you as you're leaving the alley and will give you the Bomber's Notebook. Using the notebook is very simple. To look at it, press START and scroll to the Quest Status Subscreen. Move the cursor onto the notebook in the top left corner and press A. Right now, it's fairly empty. The only entry in it is Jim. Notice the blue bars to the right of Jim's picture? These signify the times which you can do something for him. The yellow icon means an event should take place, a red bow means you were given a present for completing an event and a green mask means you were given a mask (imagine that.) There is a red vertical line, signifying what the current time of day is and a red "happiness" stickers (Yay happiness...) at the very right of the screen, which means that you have done everything in your power to make them happy. There are 20 people who go in the notebook so talk to everyone to find them all.

That about does it for Clock Town for now, but we'll be back later. Before leaving through the gate in South Clock Town, go back to the owl statue beside the clock tower. Hit it with your sword and watch as it opens its wings. Now you can save and go back to exactly where you left off, rather than losing everything when playing the Song of Time. It also opens up a warp point, but we'll get to that later. Head out of the south gate and you'll be in Termina Field.

Once in the wide outdoors, go straight through the tunnel away from Clock Town and just before you pass the tree with graffiti on it, you will see another cutscene. Head into the new area...

The Swamp

A Stroll Through Woodfall Swamp

Go down the path and transform into the Deku scrub when you get to the big tree. Some keese will fly at you, but if you time your dancing spin attack well, you'll make quick work of them. Now aim your snot at the top of the tree and hit the last keese. Climb up the tree and claim the piece of heart. Continue down the path to where Tingle is flying. Shoot him down with magic mucous if you have 20 rupees and buy the Woodfalll map. If you don't have 20 rupees, look for a hole by the tree, jump into it and open the chest for a red rupee. Now you can buy a map.

In the next area after Tingle is Southern Swamp. Go to the right and hit the owl statue as human Link. There is also a mini baba here (see Enemies.) Now into the house we go! Talk to the big, strapping, dreamy shopkeeper and he'll direct you to the window in the back. Hey! No one's here... how very odd... I guess Link can't save the world as there is only one way to get to Woodfall Temple and the booth to get on that one boat is closed. Oh, wait... why don't we try and find this "Koume"? (Wow, Nintendo. Good use of creativity.) Exit the house and skip across the water from lilypad to lilypad. (Hint: To cover more distance while skipping across, do a spin just before you run off the pad.)

Once you come to the dock, follow the path until you get to a strange shop. On the way, you will run into a deku baba and a mini baba. Kotake, Koume's twin sister is in there and she is having a senior's moment, yawning and complaining about today's youth. Go past the house into the Woods of Mystery.. sounds mysterious. Follow the monkey after talking to him and he'll lead the way to Koume. If you have trouble keeping up with him, here is how you get to her (Note: The route changes everyday.) Watch out for snappers (see Enemies.)

First Day : Left, right, right, straight, left, then finally left
Second Day : Right, left, straight (Kotake is here), left, left, then finally right
Third Day : Straight, left, right (Kotake is here), right, straight, then finally right

Koume is not having fun. She needs medicine. Make sure you talk to her as a human since this game is full of racists and she won't even talk to deku Link. If you are on the first day, go through any of the tunnels, but the one you entered in and you'll return to the entrance of the woods. Go to Kotake, talk to her and she'll give you what you need. If you are on the second or third day, Kotake will be in the woods somewhere (I've noted what parts of the maze she is in.) Enter the woods again (follow the monkey if you wish) and give that old hag her red slime! When she finishes chugging it, you get to keep the bottle. She'll fly away on her broomstick and you should follow her example. Once you leave the woods, you'll be accosted by three monkeys (that little punk monkey got reinforcements!!) They tell a story about their brother, then they're off to play about.

Go back to the shop with the ever-so handsome shopkeeper and talk to the revived Koume. She'll take you on a boat ride for free. She'll also give you a pictograph box (i.e. a camera) The pictograph box is a C-button item. On the boat ride, you can take pictures if you want, but the real money shot has yet to come. You'll eventually run into and kill the giant octoroc blocking the way and stop just outside of Deku Palace. Follow the monkey inside and transform into Deku Link.

Welcome to the palace! Talk to the guards in front of the palace and they'll let you see the "foolish monkey" if you promise to only go into the king's chamber straight ahead, but since when did Link follow orders? ^_^ Go into the Royal Chamber for now. We'll break rules later. Take a mighty picture of the King (Work it, work it! Pout for me! Oh, that was beautiful! You're gorgeous, darling!) If it is still the daytime on the First Day, take the picture back to the husky shopkeeper in Southern Swamp and you'll be a piece of heart richer, but only during the First Day before dusk.
Go back to the palace and head into the right garden. Hide behind the boulder and wait for an opportune moment to run down to the next boulder, then around to the last one. Get to the exit and pick up the ring of rupees below the exit. Enter the last area. These guards are simple to sneak by. Pick up the last six rupees and head into the hole in the ground. Go to the right and talk to the bean man. He'll give you a free bean which is a C-button item. Test it if you like in the patch of soil (The little square of dirt by the water) by hitting C while standing by the soft soil. Fill your bottle with spring water, splash the little weed and it will grow! ^_^ There's a chest up where the plant takes you with rupees in it. Get another bean, fill up your bottle again and out you go. You'll more than likely get caught and thrown out which is fine.

Once you're out, to orient yourself, face the palace and go right using the lilypads. When you reach land (not the land with the pink deku flower) plant your bean, water the sucker and jump onto the ledge while riding your new plant. Transform to deku Link and flower glide to the moving platform. Once it moves furthest away from your first platform, flower glide through the space in the wall to the other moving platform. Once that moves all the way to the right, flower glide to the ledge. Stock up on magic because you'll need it. Go across the little bridge to the next area, get behind the Deku flower and use your snot power on the mad scrub (see Enemies.) Flower glide to his old flower, then flower glide to the next moving platform. Use snot power on the last mad scrub and flower glide to his old tower. Glide to the final moving platform and wait until it sweeps across, then upwards to a ledge. Glide to the ledge, go through the door and get a close-up look at the angry monkey.

Transform to human Link, talk to the monkey, hit the pole with your sword, transform into Deku Link and bring out your pipes. The monkey will teach you the Sonata of Awakening (see Songs.)

Well, you'll get kicked out again and if you try to get in, the guards will still let you in!! Jeez, and these guys are in charge of the King's safety?? Anyways, remember that piece of land that you passed as you're hopping across to get to the soft soil?? Hop over to it and flower glide into the hole in the wall above it. There are a few deku flowers you have to jump in and fly with. Watch out for the dragonflies as there are two of them and they seem to enjoy pissing you off. See Kaepora Gaebora and you'll learn the Song of Soaring (see Songs.) Flower glide across the waterfall and enter the entrance to Woodfall!

In the new area, to the left, hidden in the tall reeds is a box with rupees in it (20 to be exact.) To the right, there is a stump and a ramp. Go up the ramps, destroying the hiploop (see Enemies) if you so wish. Flower gilde from the mad scrub's flower to the next stump, then again to the fancy platform. Smack that stone owl good and play the Sonata of Awakening if you want, but there's a piece of heart to be had (see Pieces of Heart.)) Well, if you elected to play the Sonata of Awakening, flower glide to the entrance of the temple and enter it and you'll be in...
Woodfall Temple
Welcome to Woodfall Temple! First things first, enjoy the music. Second things second, fling on the Great Fairy's mask and retrieve your 1st pink stray fairy. Proceed to the deku flower and flower glide to the chest across the room. Inside is another stray fairy. Flower glide from platform to platfrom until you get to the door guarded by skulltulas.

The next room stinks... literally. Props to Tatl for pointing it out... Anyways, go down the ramp on your left and kill the two deku babas (one will yield a stray fairy.) Hop across the lilypads and go to the platform with five pots since one pot also has a stray fairy in it. Skip to the door that isn't locked up. Skip to the deku flower in the middle of the room and glide to the chest on the left for a small key. See the hive hanging on the wall to the left of the chest? Knock it down with snot bubbles, slap on the Great Fairy's mask and get another stray fairy. Hop on over to the deku flower again and go into the room opposite the entrance. You'll encounter three snappers. Destroy them all and get a Dungeon Map. ^_^

Back to the smelly room. Now that you have the small key, you can unlock the locked door. GO through it and push the Majora block forward. Go to the skulltula and kill it for a stray fairy. Push the Majora block toward the entrance until you can't push it any further. Take out a deku stick, use the torch by the now-deceased skulltula to light it up and RUN!! Get to the unlit torch on the other side of the room before the deku stick burns away. Also, the moths will hurt you for taking their fire AND you can't kill them! Fun!

Lighting the torch will open a door. Inside are two dragonflies where killing them will yield the Compass. Leave the room once you get the Compass, light another deku stick with the now-lit torch and run upstairs to spark the last torch. Transform into deku Link and shoot a snot bubble at the hive closest to you, slap on the Great Fairy mask and collect another stray fairy. Back to human Link (or rather, Hylian Link) and whip out your stick! Light it, jump from platform to platform to the webbed door and burn it good. Up the stairs for you, though watch out for the two deku babas to the left of the stairs.

In the next dark hallway, you'll meet some black boes (see Enemies.) Kill all of them in the hallway and next room beyond the hallway and a chest containing a stray fairy will be presented to you. Use the middle torch to light the three unlit torches that are around the perimeter of the room. Now you can escape through the previously barred door.

The next room is a happy room, filled with good times, flower gliding, dragonflies and holes in the floor. ^_^ There are two moving platforms to glide to before getting to the exit in the back left corner. If you get hit by one of the dragonflies or misjudge your glide, you may fall through the holes in the floor which take you back to the smelly room. Kill the dragonflies first to avoid this by climbing down the stairs and killing them on the floor. Once you glide to the exit, in the next room (which is the second level of the smelly room) step on the switch as human Link since deku Link is too much of a lightweight to do it himself. Now you have ladders to get you from the first level to the second level of this room quickly. Ignore them for now, though and go through the door by the switch.

Turn to the right and go through the next door. MINI BOSS TIME! You'll recognize this guy from Ocarina of Time, Dinofols. He has a new trick, though. He breathes fire right after you smack him, but regardless of this new-fangled magic, he is still easy. Just stab and run away. You can try for a jump attack, but he is pretty quick and dodges it easily. Stab him a few times and he'll fall. Once defeated, a chest appears and you'll find the Fairy Bow! Now you can shoot stuff. With ARROWS! ^_^ Exit the room.

Shoot the yellow eye. Glide to the now rising platform and then to the door right above the yellow eye. Inside is kind of like another mini boss battle for the Boss Key. Your opponent : Gekko. Change into human Link if you haven't done so already and pelt him with arrows. After a few hits, he'll call for the snapper. Quickly, change in deku Link and take him out like you would any snapper. This de-saddles gekko from his friend. He'll climb around on the ceiling and walls for a bit. Pick him off with an arrow and he'll run back to the snapper. Keep doing whatcha been doing and he'll turn into a harmless frog (see Don Gero in Masks.) In the little room that opens after the battle is the most awesome Boss key in the most excellent boss key chest. Go back to the smelly room.

Get Tatl to target the torch in the middle of the wooden flower thing. Position yourself so that if you were to shoot an arrow, it would pass through the fire on the lit torch and hit the unlit torch in the center of the flower thing. Now let that arrow fly and if you are successful, the flower will rise up to the second level and the lilypads will dance! Also the water will no longer be poisonous! Yay! Run over to the other BARRED door on the second floor. Release the stray fairy from her cute bubble prison by walking into it, jump onto the spinning wooden flower and get an arrow ready. Stand fairly close to the torch and look for the unlit torch to the left of the barred door. Once you are in line with that torch and the one you're standing by, shoot an arrow and hopefully, you'll light the other torch. That will open the barred door.

Before heading into that door, jump onto the pink flower and glide over to the torch you just lit (don't touch it as deku Link or you'll become quite excellent tinder.) See the switch? Become human Link and step on it. Jump into the water and climb up the ramp to the chest the switch yields. You'll get a stray fairy.

Go back to the room with the Majora block where you had to run the fire from one torch to the other. Now that the water isn't poisonous, you can jump right in and retrieve the fairy under the wooden planks in the middle of the room.

Back to the formerly smelly room. Go up the ladders and enter the door that became locked when you lit the torch to the left of it. Snipe the dragonflies in the new room with your arrows and transform into deku Link. There are little alcoves to the left and to the right of the door you just entered from. In some of these alcoves, there are stray fairies. The last stray fairy you'll have to get is encased in flames, which she is apparently completely immune to. Snipe the bubble with an arrow and throw on the Great Fairy's mask. If you want, you can leave the dungeon using the Song of Soaring and enter the Great Fairy of Power's cave. You'll receive the famous Spin Attack! You can wait until after the boss to get it, though. It's not necessary to beat him. It is not very useful since right now you have a pretty short sword and your spin radius is also pretty short, too.

Ok, so to get to the boss' chamber, go the the alcove with a pink Deku flower in it that is pretty much on the opposite corner of the switch crystal thing. Not the highest alcove, the second highest! Peg the crystal with an arrow and you notice that the flames in the room disappear. This is only temporary so be quick with this part! Flower glide to the inside of the golden platform thing (with the skulltula on top of it.) Immediately flower glide to the pillar with a deku flower on top of it, then to the flower by the crystal. Finally, glide to the door with the Boss Lock on it and you're almost done! Open the door and you'll come face-to-face with...

ODOLWA, the Masked Jungle Warrior!

This guy can be hard for novices, but once you know his tells, he's a kitty cat (in fighting abilities, anyway.) Fight this guy as human Link even though there is a deku flower in the middle of the room. His first attack is normally just a sword thrust in your direction. Pretty easy to dodge. Try and slash up his ankles if you're close enough since it takes him a while to recover after that attack. If you are too slow and he recovers before you attack him, he'll slash you good (but it doesn't damage for much...)

His other physical attack is much more fancy, but even easier to dodge. He croutches and spins around in a circle towards you. All you have to put up your sheild and he'll just circle around you until he runs out of steam. Again, chop at his ankles. He can jump out of the way of your swings, but whatever. If you hit him, good for you, bad for him.

He can use one of two summoning attacks. One is where he summons small spider-looking things and another one is where he summons moths. Both these kinds of creatures adore fire so pull up one of the bomb flowers that line the perimeter of the room and put it down or if you already have a bomb bag, pull out your own bomb. The insects will flock towards the fuse and leave you alone! The blast will take them out. Also, if you are able to lure Odolwa close to the bomb, it will damage him A LOT and stun him, so you can take a few free swings!

One last thing this guy can do is make chunks of the ceiling fall to the floor so watch out for the rocks' silhouettes. Word of the wise, don't stand where there is a silhouette of a boulder. ^_^ After a dozen hits or so, he is finished.

Once he falls, a glowing portal will appear in the middle of the room. But before running blindly into it, look around the room for a Heart Container which will increase your health by one whole heart. Run into the portal after increasing your health and you'll run into a cutscene. Here you learn the Oath to Order (see Songs.)

This next part is optional. You can run out the exit right now if you so wish, but you'll be missing out on a mask... though a fairly useless mask. After that cutscene, the glowing portal takes you to ... somewhere you haven't been before. See the door covered in vines? Stand beside it and cut the vines with your sword. You just freed the Deku princess. So the monkey was right all along... (I never thought I'd have to say that again.) You have to take her back to the palace so her father will release the poor monkey, but she's royalty. Surely she can't use her own legs to walk her big butt back home, so you'll have to carry her. IN A BOTTLE. Once you have bottled the princess, head out the exit and follow the ramp back to the waterfall outside of Woodfall. (If you haven't already, go to the Great Fairy of Power's cave if you collected all the stray fairies and get your nifty spin attack.)

Back to the palace as deku Link, go into the King's Chamber (straight down the hall after passing the guards) and release the princess from your bottle before she cramps up. The King will get the smack down layeth upon him and he'll learn the error of his ways by releasing the monkey and letting all races of Termina visit his palace. Yay! The butler has now taken a liking to you and is said to have something for you. Head out of the palace and skip across the water around to the right side of the palace (an area you probably haven't explored yet.) In this little cave is a maze and all you have to do is keep up with the butler to get your prize. Problem is the butler is really freakin' fast! See Mini Games for tips!
Also, if you saved Koume from the woods in this cycle of three days, then she will be at the Southern Swamp house and offer you a change to win a piece of heart (see Pieces of Heart.) Also, in the area by where Tingle is in the swamp, there is a heavily wooded area and at the end of the long tree'd tunnel is the Swamp Shooting gallery. If you shoot everything that comes running out, you'll get an upgraded quiver that will hold either 40 or 50 arrows, depending if this is your first or second quiver upgrade.

Ok, so you've saved the first temple... now what?? I think it's time for a drastic change in climate by heading over to...
Head on over to north of Clock town and say hello to winter. It's always good to start this area on the first day. It's much easier, trust me. See that blockade of ice with a giant ice shard dangling right above it?? Walk on over to that and shoot the ice chunk (twice.) Hopefully, you have the Blast mask or a bomb bag (or both) because they are nice to have. Run through the twisted trail of snow and watch out for tektites (see Enemies) which burrow in the snow (you can see where they are hidden because the snow gets kicked up by their breathing... or something...) and white boes. You get to a barrier of giant snowballs along the way... DIN'S FIRE THEM! (What?? No cool fire spells in this game?!?! Blastphemy!) I guess blowing them up with bombs is ok... but still... -_- Keep going along the path and you'll reach Mountain Village.

Not much in here that would appeal to you yet. The cabin is the home of the smithy, but his hearth has been frozen, so he's useless and out of a job until that can be rectified. There is a Goron in trouble on a high ledge (see Don Gero in Masks) and a owl statue to the right of him that you should thwack with your mighty blade. After you do that, head past the pond into the next area.

There is another tektite around here, but you can run past it. Run across the bridge and you'll encounter a white wolfos, but he, too can be run past. Cross the next bridge and Tingle is kicking around above you so shoot his red balloon and buy a map is you so wish. Next bridge takes you to another island with a chunk of ice in it. Don't touch it or you will become a block of ice yourself. Another white wolfos appears, but ignore him and run across the bridge to the next area.

Go all the way to the other side of the map until you run into good ol' Kaepora. Talk to him and he'll tell you something vital to your quest is in the building which is separated from you by a large, empty void. I hope Link can fly... but wait!! Kaepora's feathers are floating in midair... invisible platforms are holding them up. Be careful and jump from "feather to feather" until you reach the building. Go right on in and grab the Lens of Truth (see Items.) Heading back to the main land is much easier. Just turn on the Lens of Truth and you can see the invisible platforms! And a ghost... o_O;;

Talk to the ghost and he'll ask you to follow him. You can turn the lens off if you want because his shadow is still visible, but make sure to turn it back on once the ghost reaches an exit. That way, he'll go onto the next level. Also, have it on when you start in a new area so he'll start moving again. Follow him all the way back to the Mountain Village. You'll have to cross the pond, which you can do by jumping on the ice flows or skipping across the water as a deku scrub. Now, if you have the lens on, you'll notice that the large mass of wall in front of you has ladders hidden beneath the snow. The correct path to get to the top of the cliff is by going right on the first fork in the ladders, then left and finally right again. Make sure the ghost goes in the cave, then follow right behind him.

Talk to the ghost and you'll find out that he was a great goron warrior who went to cure Snowhead of its bitter winter curse, but got pushed off the cliff by a tremendous wind, fell and died. He is ashamed and is in desperate need of a friend and some inner healing. Give him what he needs and play the song of Healing. He'll finally see that even though he died, his people still think of him as a hero and not a failure. Darmani is at peace and lends his power to you in the form of a mask. The Goron mask (see Masks) to be precise. Now you can transform into a goron at will. Test out your new powers and get comfortable with them. Once that is done, grab hold of the tombstone (which you can also read to find out your goron attacks) and pull! Hot spring water will start filling the room. Bottle some and hurry back to the chunk of ice by Tingle or else the water will cool down and become regular spring water. Melt the ice with your hot water and you'll have discovered a new hot spring (which is nice to have since now you don't have to climb up the rockface again!)

If it's the first day, talk to the goron in the next area and he'll stomp on the ground which opens the door to the Goron shrine. If you're not on the first day, you'll have to chase the giant boulder that is rolling around and smash it. The guard is inside the boulder. There is a much easier way to open the door, though. Use your own ground pound to open the door! Anyways, to get to the open door, jump off the ledge of where the guard would be standing on the first day in the direction he is facing and the door is pretty close to where you'll land. Enter the door and you'll hear a sound that may force you to hit the mute button on your Tv. Someone crying! Link can surely help the poor kiddo. Go up the ramp into what looks like a throne room and behold the source of the whining! Slap on the goron mask (he won't really open up the human Link) talk to him and the little one will scream for his daddy, the Elder, who stepped out to investigate Snowhead and never returned. I guess you'll have to find him. Go back to the area with Tingle floating around and slide down to where the giant boulders are situated. The Elder is in one of these snowballs, but his position changes with each day

Day One : By the entrance to the goron village
Day Two : By the snow-coveredramp that is close to the entrance to Mountain Village
Day Three : In the Mountain Village, by the pond and the owl statue

He is trapped in some ice!! Go to the newly revealed hot spring, grab some hot water and thaw him out. Become your sexy goron self and talk to him. He'll realize his son misses him and will teach you half of his son's lullabye (he can't remember the whole thing.) Also, your ocarina has been changed to drums. Go back to the crybaby and play him your new tune. He'll teach you the rest of it and drift off to sleep. After he falls asleep, the chandalier will start spinning (see Don Gero in Masks for more details.)

Head over to the owl statue in Mountain Village and go up the path to the left of it. Here you must roll off the ramp while you have your speedy spikes out and navigate through the twisting path while still rolled up to the second ramp. I guess once you make the first jump, you can walk through the path until you get to a good distance away from the second ramp, curl up and roll from there. Much safer that way, actually. Anyway, make the second jump and you can enter the new area, Snowhead.

Hit the owl statue so you can warp to this spot instantly and not have to worry about the ramps again. Tatl will inform you of something she sees in the wind, but you can't see it! Slap on the lens of truth (is it something you wear like glasses?) and you'll see a giant goron blowing wind at you. Play the Goron's Lullabye and he'll fall to an untimely death... jerk... Walk, run or roll up to the omnious tower that stands before you. There is a ramp you must roll up at the end of the winding path. Once you've reached it, swing to the left and you'll see a twisting ramp which you can walk up rather than roll, which is a bit safer. Watch out for boulders since they will fall on your head if you stand under their silhouette. If you see the shadow on the ramp, just wait until the boulder falls and rolls past you. At the top of the ramp is the entrance to...
Snowhead temple
You have entered Snowhead Temple and you are greeted by a welcoming committee made entirely of white boes. Kill them all so they aren't bothering you later. Become goron Link if you aren't already the big guy and move that giant Majora block out of the way. The next room has a white wolfos, but you can head to the right into the next room before he hits you.

The next room has a long ramp with three freezards aiming their icy breath right along the ramp. Fill up on magic and line up so you can roll along the ramp. Time it so you won't get hit by the breath (when the freezard closest to you has finished blowing) and make sure you start rolling in the snow. You have less traction on snow and gain speed faster. Once on the other side, go over to the door (not the stairway door!) and look around there are two stray fairies to be had. You'll definitely want to get all these stray fairies since the prize for collecting all of them is much better than the Woodfall temple! You'll get a bigger magic bar! Twice as big to be exact! And you may want to get it before fighting this boss since you'll use a lot of magic, trying to defeat him! One is underneath the ledge by the stairway and the other is in a gap in the rock by the ramp. Both are in bubbles so shoot an arrow in each bubble and put on the Great Fairy mask. Now you may go into the stairway door.

If you still have the Great Fairy mask, a stray fairy will come at you from the right. Over to the left is a big treasure chest with the Dungeon Map in it. Watch out for the bombchu running around on the floor. The freezard is too high to be a concern. That is all you can do in this room for now. Exit this room and go through the door in the next room, too.

After the short cutscene that shows off the features of this huge room, go across the white platform to the yellow-rimmed door. To the left, you can pull the tall Majora block to the right four block widths until there is a block-sized gap between the block and the edge where the snow stops. Then push it to the other end of the room until it clicks into place. A chest will appear, but you can't get to it yet. Where the block used to reside, there is a small key in a chest. Snag it and head out.

Melt the red-rimmed door by shooting an arrow through the flame of the brazier into the ice. Go through the door and head to the right where the locked door is, ignoring the white wolfos that appears again. This takes you to a room with a few white wolfos (two in fact) which can't be ignored. Kill them first then you can start working through the room. Open the big chest and you'll get the Compass. See the giant crack in the wall by the chest? Blow it up with a bomb or use your Blast mask if you have it to reveal a stairway. If you have another bomb, toss it up so it is on top of the crate by the crack in the wall or near the crate when it explodes. I find it is easier to hold the bomb and throw it just before it explodes. You'll get a stray fairy if you are successful. The fairy's a bit out of reach so put on the Great Fairy mask to retrieve it.

Up the stairway we go. Hop on the shortest rock without an ice chunk on it. Then jump to the one beside it. Aim an arrow up at the icicles on the roof and shoot them down. I suggest all of them, but if you are low on arrows, hit the one closest to you and the one Tatl targets. They're the only ones you really need. Hop on the rock with the red rupee on it and look at the wall. See the bit of snow? That is a hidden ledge. Jump through it (use your lens of truth if you are unsure) and the chest inside will get you another stray fairy. Jump out onto the rock you were on before going through the wall and jump to the next highest rock then to the ledge with the giant snowball on it. Blow the snowball up and a chest will be revealed. Inside is the small key to the exit of this room so head over there. If you want, get the other red rupees in the room, then exit.

Put on your Great Fairy mask and the lens of truth. Once you've got all that gear on, look at the ceiling. There's a stray fairy in a bubble in the portion of the ceiling that is missing. Shoot her down and collect her. Now this puzzle took me a while at first, but that may be because I was playing at 4am... ah, insomnia... Anywho, put the Goron mask on and get the Bunny hood ready. Pound on the yellow circular switch. This raises a switch on the other side of the gap and another one over the entire door. Jump over to the yellow switch that pops up across the gap. You'll notice a sea of white boes swimming around on the floor. If you want, jump down and kill them. Things go a bit smoother when they're not around. Back over to the extended yellow switch. Once on that side of the gap, pound on the green switch. You have to be quick with this part as it's timed. Run over to the yellow switch and pound it. This takes you to the bottom of the gap. Strap on the Bunny Hood and run over to the green switch. Climb on it and jump over to the door and enter it before the time runs out and the switch goes over the door again.

Goron Link it up and roll across the icy bridge gap, but stop before you hit the giant ice block in front of the door. To the right of that door is a snowy ramp. Roll across his ramp very carefully to the other side. Roll across this new icy bridge and enter the door. It's more mini boss fun, kiddies!

This fun guy is a wizrobe and he's a wizard... duh... He reminds my sister of a mailman ... AND HE'S GOING POSTAL!!!!
There's not much to defeating this guy. He will appear in one of four magic squares, located at each corner of the room. If you run up to him, he'll disappear so bring out your dead... I mean bow... and shoot him before he shoots you with his ice magic. The ice magic will freeze you in place temporarily and will make a portion of the floor ice. If you step in it again, you'll freeze again, but this ice goes away very quickly. You can use the map in the corner to tell you where he is. He is the red dot on the map. After three hits, he'll change his strategy. Now, he will appear in one of the four squares and three images of him will appear in the other three. To figure out which one is him, use the map or scan the room. The three images will dances around the room while the real wizrobe will be in the same spot. Shoot him a few more times and he's as good as dead. By defeating wizrobe, you'll get the legendary fire arrows.

Once you're back in the huge room, fall. Fall all the way down to the bottom of the room. You'll lose a little bit of health, but it is quicker this way. Besides, there are bushes growing on the ground by one of the exits and I'm sure you'll find some hearts in there. After you find the lil' weeds, walk around the giant pillar until you come across a big Majora switch. Goron Link can push it down with his massive girth and is the only form of Link that can withstand the heat of the lava pit. Pushing the switch makes a chest appear and opening the chest releases another stray fairy from its chest-like prison. Head into the door (not the stairway.)

Now we can finally use the ice-destroying fire arrows! Shoot the ice chunks encasing the deku flower. Hop into the flower and glide to the ledge with another deku flower on it. Hop in that one and glide to any ledge you can reach, preferrably not one with a freezard on it. Shoot all the freezards with the fire arrows and a chest containing a stray fairy with appear. Shoot the braziers with more fire arrows so they are all lit at the same time and a door will unlock. Go through that door and pound the switch as goron Link, though you'll need to be human Link to actually climb onto the switch. The giant pillar in the middle of the giant room will rise all the way to the top. Notice the white portions of the pillar? You have to punch those so the pillar is just high enough to get to one of the final rooms, but we can get to that later. Exit the switch room and shoot a fire arrow at the ice chunk on your left as you enter the room with the braziers in it. Once that is done, go to the room with the many lava pits, then up the staircase. Go through the door beside the stairway.

It's the freezard room, but now you can kill the freezards with a little friend I like to call fire. By hitting each one with a fire arrow and melting the ice chunk in between the two freezards on your side, you will reveal and have access to a chest with a small key in it. Now fall over by the ladder and climb up. Go through the door, ignore that white wolfos again and go through the door directly across from you.

Remember this room? Now that you have the fire arrows, it will be a cinch. Kill both white wolfos and melt the ice chunks. You only have to melt the one with the Majora block in it and the one with the switch in it. Push the switch and a chest containing yet another stray fairy will appear, but it is too high to get... for now! Push the Majora block toward the ledge and the previously opened chest, then push it in the direction of the ice chunk still remaining. Finally, push it towards the ledge that hold the new chest. Jump on top of the block and across to the ledge and claim your prize. After you have released the fairy, there is still one more thing you can do in this room. Move the block so it is next to the other ledge in the room and jump across to the door on the ledge. Enter this room and if you moved that double Majora block a while back and it clicked into place, you can still use it to jump across to the chest it revealed that was too high to reach before. Watch out for the flying pots! They'll get ya if you don't have your shield up! Inside is a stray fairy. Exit this room and make you way to the blue-rimmed door (where the white wolfos I keep telling you to ignore is.) Roll across the bridge and go through the stairway exit.

Hop onto the platform in the middle of the room and shoot the freezard and the frozen yellow eye will fire arrows. By hitting the yellow eye, you will activate the platform, raising you to where the freezard used to hang out. Before going through the door of the higher level, slap on the lens of truth and have a look around. See the hidden steps on the other side of the room? Jump carefully from one to the other and they will take you to a chest with yet another stray fairy. From this little alcove you can probably jump to the level with the door, but if you don't, no biggie. Just shoot the yellow eye switch again while on the platform. ^_~

After entering the door, you'll probably recognize where you are. You're in the giant room with the pillar! First, become big goron Link and punch the crap out of the white portions of the pillar. After you have Mike Tyson'd it up, head to the staircase with the ice chunk blocking it and melt the ice away. Enter it and you'll be in a higher level of the giant pillar room. Punch the first white block out of the pillar then carefully roll across the snowy ramp to the one side of the staircase, just like in the other room. Only this time, if you mess up, there is no net to catch you. Hopefully, you'll get it on the first try. If not, you've got a bit of a journey trying to get to this point again. Once you've rolled across, punch the remaining blue portion of the pillar and use the small key to enter the door.

This new area has a few little eeno's and one big eeno (see Enemies.) You can kill them if you want, but I find they don't get in your way if you know how to hide. In the wall is a snowy ledge that can only be seen through the lens of truth. There is a stray fairy in a bubble so use your arrows and Great Fairy mask to gather her with the others. ^_^ After you've saved the fairy, run to the other side of the room, melt the ice chunk and run up the now accessible staircase.

This room is fun!!! Kill the two dinofols that confront you. Each of their dead carcasses holds a stray fairy... gross... once you've killed them, exit the room. This will take you to a ramp-like platform that you should run all the way down and jump off of! You'll land right on top of the giant pillar. If you've been following my walkthrough, there should be one more fairy left, right? Run over to the edge of the pillar, but don't jump off yet. Look down from the snowy ramp without the net. See the snowy ledge on the wall? You can jump from the pillar onto that ledge if you have the Bunny hood on or roll off the edge just before the jump. There is another way to get it, which I will explain when we get to that part. If you elected to jump for it, good for you!

If you have all fifteen stray fairies, exit the temple by playing the Song of Soaring and head over to the Great Fairy of Wisdom's cave. She's somewhere along the base of the outside of the temple. She will soup up your magic! Awesome! Now head back to the top of the pillar, become goron Link and smash the snowballs in the covered bridge. You can also use bombs or the Blast mask, but goron Link is faster. Up the newly revealed staircase and onto the highest level of the dungeon.

Roll across the icy ramp to the other side. The boss door is here, but you don't have the key yet... See the door just below the ramp you are standing on? You can either jump again by using the Bunny hood or rolling of the edge or use the deku flower as Deku Link to glide over. Also, if you wanted to get the last stray fairy the other way, use the deku flower and glide to the snowy hidden ledge. It takes a while for Link to glide down there, but you have a smaller chance of missing the ledge by doing this. Use your discretion! ^_^

Once you've made it onto the ledge below the boss's door, go through the next door. WIZROBE ROUND TWO : ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!!! Use the strategy I wrote out before for the first encounter with the wizrobe and all will be well. There are more magic squares that he can teleport to and you now have the awesome power of the fire arrows on your side, but other than that, he's exactly the same. With the fire arrows, he falls much faster! Once he is defeated, run to the new door that opens and you'll get to the chest with the boss key in it. Go through the next door and get back to the boss's door! Shoot a fire arrow at the frozen beast and it will be time for a brawl with....

Goht, the Masked Mechanical Monster!!!

Sounds like this boss is just as misunderstood as the creature from Frankenstein from the name they gave it, but it's not. He just runs around the room which is a circular track and hits you with various attacks. There are two ways to kill him. You can stay in the little alcove you start in and shoot him with fire arrows everytime he comes around (I'm unsure if this actually works, though...) but you'd need a lot of arrows to do this. This isn't any fun, though!! The actual way you should attack him would be to become goron Link, roll around enough to sprout your spikes and chase that goat down! Bash him to bits! Sometimes, since the terrain is very bumpy, it becomes hard to build up enough speed to reveal your spikes of doom, but keep rolling. You'll find a good flat spot eventually. There are an infinite number of magic jars available so I would suggest everytime you see one, run into it to replenish your magic reserves if you can. Don't want to run out during a cructial moment. Also, if you can, try to hit him in the butt while you're airbourne. This will knock him down and you can take a few free swings at him.

Now for his attacks. If you fall behing him a lot while chasing him, he will stop and face you as you come up behind him. You have to swerve from side to side to avoid the lightning attack he launched at you. As long as you swerve enough, he won't hit you. Normally, he shoots out three lightning bolts (less if he hits you with it) and then continues running.

Everytime you hit him, he sends out a homing lightning ball which again you must swerve to avoid. When you are chasing him, don't hang out directly behind him. He tends to kick up chunks of the ground which if they hit you, will cause you to lose all momentum and you'll have to roll and power up again. After you hit him about five times, parts of the ceiling fall. You can't pretict when they will come down and again, they screw up your momentum. Another five hits and he'll start dropping bombs which explode if you touch them with those spikes of yours. One last thing he can do would be if you are standing still and let him come around the whole track to where you are standing, he'll charge at you and toss you up in the air for some damage, but as long as you keep following him, that should never happen! ^_^

You can tell how damaged his is from the amount of smoke and electric discharge coming out of his body. After about twenty hits with your buff, goron body, he'll be defeated and run into a wall. Seems all those hits damaged his brain, too. Retrieve the Heart Container and hop in the portal!

After the friendly talk with the second giant, head over to Goron village. Remember the area that originally had a chunk of ice blocking it? Now that spring has sprung, the ice has melted. Head over there (you need to be human Link to climb up the little ledge) go down the ramps and talk to Biggoron as goron Link. He'll give you a challenge. Get this powder keg to the Goron Racetrack before it blows! To do this, grab it and throw it up the first part of the ramp, then roll up the ramp. Keep doing that until you get to the top. Grab the keg and walk over to the wooden staircase not too far from the entrance to Biggoron's place. Turn to the right and walk through the maze of boulders, then take the path on the right again. Exit to the next area. Walk across the bridges and mini islands until you get to about where the next exit is. There is a ramp similar to the one in Biggoron's house. Toss the keg up the ramp and roll up to get it. Keep doing that until you make it to the top of this ramp and drop the keg by the giant boulder. The elder's son is waiting for the boulder to be destroyed and once it is, he'll run crazily into the racetrack! Go back to Biggoron and he will give you a free powder keg. Now you can buy them at the bomb shop in West Clock Town anytime you want. ^_^ That's pretty much all you have to do for now.

Some extra things you can do before playing the Song of Time is give your sword to the smithy in Mountain Village to reforge (see
Equipment), race at the Goron Racetrack (see Mini Games) and check out the giant Goron who you put to sleep by Snowhead (you didn't kill him after all!! ^_^) You can't collect all the frogs by the pond you teleport to after defeating Goht until you get to a certain point in the next temple, so don't worry about them now.

Thus concludes the mountain portion of our tour. Our next stop will be...

The ocean
You've sprung Epona, right? Good. Head over to West Termina Field and jump the fence on the beach. This will take you to Great Bay Coast. Follow the narrow path to the vast ocean landscape. You COULD be enjoying it if all those stupid seagulls weren't in the way! Go over to them and shoo them away. They are over to your left over the ocean.

Wait! There's a body floating in the water. Drag that carcass to land. We must keep the seas clean after all! He's alive?!?! Get him over to land right away! Once on land, this poor zora marches a VERY PROLONGED death walk, though he eventually collaspes. Talk to him and he will introduce himself as Mikau and tell you his very sad tale... the only way he knows how... IN SONG!!!

The bottom line is heal his soul with the Song of Healing and his spirit will always be with you, just like the force, only in the form of a mask. Now you can be a kung-fu fish man! ^_^ Test out your new body if you want... the instructions are written on Mikau's fish guitar. I really like the energy shield zora Link can produce in the water. Pretty! ^_^

Now, head into the little fisherman's shop (the building that has a garden in front. The other building is the Oceanside Skulltula House and you can't really complete it, equipped as you are. Also, you can't get anything out of it unless you kill of the skulltulas before the first day is done.) In the shop is a little seahorse who desperately wanted to be sprung from his glass prison, but the fisherman in charge doesn't accept rupees. He wants a close-up picture of a Gerudo pirate. Well, you don't have one so I guess it's off to Zora Hall so go to through the tunnel on the left hand wall into the new area, but before you do, go over to the building situated in the middle of the bay. Tingle is up in the air with a new map and there is a new owl statue to beat on. Now you may enter the new area. There are new enemies (stop saying "new" Yuki!!) afoot called like likes, skullfish and leevers (see Enemies.) Zora Hall is in the water on your right when you enter this area. Just swim as zora Link in to the giant fish-building's mouth and you'll enter the cave-like entrance to the hall.

Enter the third door from the right along the line of rooms and you'll be in Evan the Bandleader's room. Talk to him as zora Link and he'll ask you how the egg hunt is going. EGG HUNT?!?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Apparently, the lead singer from your troupe laid some eggs and somehow lost her voice. The original zora, Mikau (the guy whose body you stole) was sent on a mission to recover the eggs, but got his butt whipped in the process by the Gerudo pirates. Before we head over to their fortress, go to the doorway to the right of the wall of doors and then turn left to go outside.

Here is Lulu... she is very sad. And you can't do anything to cheer her up. Look around and smack the owl statue near her and fill up on bombs, magic and other things that come out of the pots by the statue. Now we can search for her eggs!

So let's head over to the Pirates' Fortress! Hopefully, you bought a map. It makes the description on how to get there much easier to understand as it's a little hidden. If you travel to the northwest end of the map, you'll see a path on your map leading to a new area. It is sticking straight up north. Anyways, that path is behind a wooden gate underwater so swim into it with zora Link. It is the second gate from the left. Welcome to the Pirates' Fortress.

That fisherman wanted a picture of a Gerudo, a close-up one... so taking a picture of the women in the boats won't cut it... I guess we will have to look elsewhere for our photography. Run up the little path and wait until there are no Gerudo guards in their boats anywhere near you. If you bought one from Tingle, then you can see the guards on your map which is convenient when you are surfacing from underwater. If you're all clear, jump into the water and dive! If you're not all clear, a guard will see you and throw you out. If that happens, just go back to the gate you broke down to get in and try again. If you make it into the water, go to the ramp on the other side of the fortress where the goron pound switch is located. Travel underwater to avoid capture and wait until the four guards are nowhere around the bottom of the ramp area. Pound the switch as goron Link and it will turn off the power water flow coming out of some pipe. Go to said pipe underwater and enter it.

You'll be in a room with a few more feeble gates to break down and a few Majora blocks to move. Move the first one directly in front of you to get it out of the way and then head down the path with no gate blocking the way until it bends and takes you to another block. Pull that away from the wall so you can walk around it later. Go back to the first Majora block you pushed and take the outside path around until you get to the powerful stream that will raise you to another part of this room. Manuever around the underwater mines and make sure you don't get caught in the stream running over the surface of the water. That will take you back outside which is bad. Clear the mines, hop on the ledge ahead and open the door.

More mines. Manoeuver around them and climb up the ramp and stairs around the corner. If you want the piece of heart trapped in the prison cell, see
Pieces of Heart. Destory the barrels by the top of the stairs and you'll see a switch across the way. Use zora Links launching fins to activate it, jump into the water and get over to the slowly closing gate as quickly as possible.

Move your way around more mines and streams to get to a ladder. Climb up and you see a switch to step on which opens a gate with another switch in it. This switch is a timed switch so be quick with the next part. Once you've stepped on it, run to the sewer grate and look for the other switch. Hit it with zora Link's fins and a geiser takes you up to another floor. Climb this ladder and look for another switch to hit with zora Link's fins. Once activated, the door leading to the outside will be open-able.

Swing around the corner and into the next door. If you have the Stone mask, this part will be easy. You are in a coutyard full of Gerudos. Put on the Stone mask if you want and run right into the middle of the yard, climb the ladder, cross the bridge and open the door behind the big stone on the other side of the bridge. If you don't have it or want a challenge, you're going to have to Metal Gear Solid your way through. Get out your arrows and snipe any Gerudos who may get in your way (namely, the one by the base of the ladder.) They wake up after about ten seconds of being shot with an arrow (they are tough young women!) so run for that ladder. Watch your map once you get close to the top to make sure the Gerudo patrolling the bridge isn't anywhere near you. Daze her with an arrow and run to the door behind the stone slab on the other side of the bridge. If you are feeling risky, you can attempt to photograph the unconscious Gerudo. (Sickos!)

Run into this room and you'll notice a bee flying through the barred window. After investigating the window more closely, you end up eavesdropping on the head Gerudo and her officer and find out some very useful information. The Gerudo have four eggs out of seven and they are in the fortress. Also, you can see a big chest and a tank of water with an egg in it!! But there are a lot of guards in this room... how to empty it... Remember the bee? Shoot down the hive through the bars and the Gerudos, the tough terrors of the sea, flee the room while shrieking like banshees on the way out. They will never come back... the big babies. So head out the door you came in from and jump down to the platform on your right, There is a door you can enter which takes you to the chamber you were just looking at. Open up that chest and you get the hookshot!!!! It's had a makeover since the last time Link had his hands on one of my personal favourites! Hookshot one of the wooden rafters over the tank of water and say hello to an enemy named shell blade (see Enemies.) Ignore it for now and bottle that egg. Make sure you don't bottle a fish. I did that once and wasn't paying attention so I had to go all the way back to get it.

Now if you have four bottles, you can do the fortress in one sweep, so I will continue on explain the fortress. If you have less than four, just go to the research lab (it's the building right by the owl statue on Great Bay Coast) and drop them into the tank. Then go back to the fortress and collect the remaining few.

The next egg is much easier to get now that you have the hookshot. Head out the door and go over to where you enter the courtyard the first time. See the hookshot posts on the higher ledges? Hookshot from the lowest one to the next one and enter that door. There is a single guard patrolling this room. Wait for her to head to the right and run for the door on the left. In the next room, you will have to fight a Gerudo. To defeat her, dodge her attacks and after she tries to hit you, she takes a few seconds to recover. Hack her good! A few good whacks and she'll retreat, opening the next door. Get the zora egg from the tank and that's another egg! Watch out for the desbreko in the tank. Kill the big one and they all fall.

To get the third egg, go just outside the entrance of where you got the second egg and look around for another hookshot post. Run up the bridge (watch out of the Gerudo thief) and enter the door. If you have the Stone mask, put it on and walk to the next door. If not, hookshot to the wooden posts that line the ceiling and get to the door. Take on another Gerudo guard and enter the new room. Get that egg and scram!

The final egg in the Pirates' Fortress is over at the other end of the courtyard. Walk past the ladder and hookshot onto one of the posts. If you are at the right one, there should be a higher post you can hookshot to. Enter the doorway that is closest to you.

You must again sneak past a Gerudo guard. Wait until she is no longer facing the door or your path to the door and run for it. Enter the next room and fight your last Gerudo warrior. Get the egg and head out of the fortress. Before leaving, make sure you have a close-up picture of a Gerudo. Shooting one and taking a picture of her sleepy face is always a good way to go. I approve! Now you may leave. Getting caught is the fastest way out so I'd suggest doing that. Head over to the laboratory and drop off the eggs in the giant tank.

Swim to shore and enter the fisherman's hut. Talk to the seahorse and the fisherman will interrupt your conversation (jerk!) and ask if you want the horse of the sea. He'll ask you for a picture of a Gerudo guard in exchange for the seahorse so agree to it and give him the picture. He'll have to leave the room for a few minutes with picture in hand (just kidding.) He'll give you the seahorse.

Do you see the two tall rocks, sticking out of the water?? That's Pinnacle Rock! Head over there with your new friend and sink to the bottom. You can release the seahorse there and for your courtesy, he'll show you the way to the other three eggs! These ones are pretty easy to get. Kill the snakes that pop out of the holes in Pinnacle Rock. Some of them are guarding the eggs. If you kill each and every snake, you'll reunite the seahorse with his other seahorse friend. Talk to them and they'll give you a piece of heart!

Put the remaining eggs in the laboratory's giant tank and something incredible will happen! The zora eggs will hatch into little... tadpoles... (Yes... tadpoles... right.) But the incredible thing is they can teach you how to play the guitar! Jump to the front of the tank and pull out the guitar. The little tadpoles have just taught you to play the New Wave Bossa Nova.

Take the lab techician's advice and play it for the mother, Lulu. Song of Soaring it over to the Zora Cape and play it for her. You will awaken a giant turtle with a hookshotable palm tree on it (O_o) Hop on his back and he'll take you to...

Great bay temple

So you have entered the temple via a turtle. What next? Bust open the barrels at both sides of the turtle to get supplies like arrows, fairies and other things you may need. If you have a deku stick, great. If not, let's hope you've got magic. Bring out your fire arrows and shoot all four braziers to reveal the first stray fairy. If you have a deku stick, just light the stick with the lit brazier and run around to light the unlit ones. Enter the next room.

Wow, Tatl. You're right. That is a big waterwheel. Thanks for the helpful advice... Jump into the water as zora Link and swim out to the far right of the room. Activate the switch that is underwater by either pushing or pulling it, depending on what side of the switch you are on. Leave the one on top of the surface alone for now. Swim back to the platform you were on when you entered the room. Underneath is a stray fairy trapped in a bubble. Just walk into it to release it. For another stray fairy, hop onto the now moving platform on the right of the door when you are facing it. Hop on the stationary platform next to it and kill the single skulltula on it. Its dead carcass reveals a stray fairy.

Next, hop on the other moving platform and avoid the two skulltulas that are about. Wait until the water coming from the water spout is very low and jump on it. The water will raise you to the right height to jump to the next platform. Enter the next area and Tatl tells you some more useless stuff about the waterwheel.

There are two fairies in this room. One is in a barrel around the perimeter of the room. You can use the waterwheel to get to the other sides or just hop in the water and grab onto a side. The other one is in the center of the water, all the way at the bottom in a pot. I used to become zora Link and try to smash the bottom in the water, but I later found a much better way. Go to a platform where you can see the pot and shoot an arrow at it. This busts the pot open and now all you have to do is put on the Great Fairy mask and wait. Once these two fairies are rescued, strap on the Zora mask and swim in the swirling water. With the water going in this direction, there are only two possible doorways to get into. Swim into the top most doorway and you will be in a new area.

Hop onto the left most platform (which is the only platform you can get on, anyways) and hookshot the pots to your left to reveal a fairy, put on the Great Fairy mask to collect it, then hookshot to the chest for a dungeon map. Sink to the bottom of the water and kill the two dexihands that are blocking the way with zora Link's flying fins! Swim down the tunnel and kill the four bio deku babas for a stray fairy's chest to appear. Enter the door at the end of the hallyway when you're finished.

To your right, there is a pot in the water. Break it and a stray fairy will be released. Collect it with the Great Fairy mask and then run over to the chest, being guarded by a real bombchu. Cut the bio deku babas down and hop from lilypad to lilypad. The babas will get you if you don't cut them first. Shield yourself for impact and open that chest for the compass. Sink down into the water, kill the bio deku babas running around and crack that little chest for a small key. Go into the fast moving stream and you'll be back in the room with the waterwheel.

Go to the hallway on the bottom of the room (the only one you haven't entered) and you'll be in a room with shell blades on the floor, along with some skullfish and octoroks. You can fight them, if you want. Your main focus is the red pipe in the room. Walk up it and go into the locked room. Fill up your hearts, arrows and magic if you want to. Then enter the next room. You'll fight the most annoying miniboss (at least, I think it is) named Wart.

You'll recognize him from previous Zelda games and the strategy for killing him has not changed. This is not the way I do things, but it is effective. Hookshot each and every ball that protects his body and slice it with your sword. Once all his little balls have been severed ( >_< ) he'll be open for a few whacks. Stick him in his eye with arrows or the hookshot. After a few hits, he'll rampage on the floor. When his eye opens, shoot him some more, but that takes a lot of time, grabbing every ball is tedious so you can do what I do (but you'll get a little hurt doing it.) Become zora Link and shoot your fins straight in his eye by aiming without Z-targeting. After about five shots, the balls are released (all of them) and then it's time for some pain. Become human Link and use the spin attack (using the joystick to spin, not holding B) to kill all the little balls. Now you can shoot the rampaging eye and earn your prize. The ice arrows! Head back to the room with the red pipe.

Now you have the ice arrows. Swim to a platform that has an octorok facing it. Shoot the squishy critter with the ice arrow and it will be a temporary jumping ledge. So jump onto it and get to the switch in the middle of the room. Pull or push it and the water will flow through the pipe. Go back to the giant propeller room, go into the room with the dungeon map in it, get onto the platform with the opened chest, point your ice arrow at the water and shoot. You'll make a little ice platform. Hop onto it and progressively make your way to the door.

In this room is a water switch on a platform that is too high to reach. But wait, there is a blue chuchu in here. Shoot him with an ice arrow and grab the block that forms. Push it to the water switch and climb on top. Activate the switch and go to the room with icicles. Form an ice bridge to the icicles, chop and melt whatever is in your way with your sword and fire arrows and enter the new room. You'll be attacked by a new Gekko!

Before the battle, he will summon several yellow blobs that hurt if you hit them. He may jump to a few and throw them, but you can smack him a few times before any damage is done. He'll retreat to the ceiling and all the blobs will form one huge glob. Freeze it with an ice arrow (making sure not to be directly below it as it will fall on your head once frozen) and begin the process until he is a cute little froggie. If you are unable to freeze the blob, it will drip down and try to swallow you if you are close enough so watch the shadow of it on the floor. If you are swallowed, the Gekko does some frog-fu on your butt! If you have the Don Gero mask, slap it on and talk to the little frog. See
Masks for more details about the frogs.

After you have defeated and hopefully collected the frog, go into the now open room and get the boss key. Yes, the boss key is available this early in the game. Time to go back to the room with the water wheel propellers in it.

This is where everyone gets stuck in the beginning I think. (Why is it always the water temple that does this to you? You think you're moving along great and BAM! The water temple has one puzzle that is so ridiculously easy, yet so mind-bogglingly hard that you pull out your boyfriend's (or girlfriend's) teeth because you are weird that way. At least, that is what happened to me. >_> ) Do you see the waterfall that surrounds a ladder? Shoot the waterfall with the ice arrows. That is the puzzle.... The waterfall stops flowing somehow and you now have a new area to discover. I actually found this out in rage by wildly flying arrows everywhere in that room.

Up the ladder we go. In the next room, there is a tektite (kill it) and a school of skullfish, lead by a desbreko (also serve death to them if you can see them.) Make an ice bridge to the switch on the right and pull it into place. After that, head to the far left corner of the room on more ice platforms and look up. Use your hookshot on the hookshot marker on the ceiling. If you did this successfully, then you will be running around on a net-like area above the rest of the room. Open the chest for a stray fairy and go back to the room with the water wheel (not the propeller room, the actual water wheel room.)

Once in the room, go to your right and jump onto the now active water spout by hookshoting above it. Jump over to the red pumping switch and turn it off by either pushing or pulling it in a direction. This starts the water coming out of the red spout in the middle of the room. Go into the water below and switch off the yellow pump by pushing or pulling the switch. Now the water in the propeller room will go the other way! And you can get into the rooms you couldn't get into before! Back to the propeller room!

Jump in the water as a zora and swim into the tunnel closest to the surface. Watch out for the dexihands in the middle of the tunnel. I suggest putting your electric shield up so they don't grab you. If they do, just jump back into the water after they pull you out. You'll get to a room at the end of the tunnel (thanks for that great info, Yuki...) Watch out for the underwater mines and skullfish swimming about. Get onto the only platform you can (it has two barrels on it) and hop on the moving platform. Wait until you are at least half way up and shoot the waterfall with an ice arrow. Jump onto the big wheel. If you want the stray fairies (you do... this Great Fairy you are piecing together is fantasic) hookshot from the wheel to the little alcove in between the two moving platforms (the ones that move up and down.) If you can, try and jump back onto the wheel and walk over to the two platforms that stopped rotating when you stopped the wheel. Go to the left and jump onto the platform, go left and jump onto the other platform that was moving up and down. You may have to get the water wheel moving again if it is too high to jump to so use your fire then ice arrows on the area where the waterfall is until the platform stops at a place you can jump to. Once you have reached the platform, look for the chest and the brazier in the alcove that is tucked away in the corner. Hookshot the brazier and get the other stray fairy. Jump into the water and go back to the platform with the barrels. Use a fire arrow on the ice on the ceiling and hop back on the platform that comes down. Use your ice arrow, hop on the wheel and go right this time and into the next room.

Run down the little tunnel and hop down to the floor. There is a little hole filled with water right in front of you that you can go into. Become zora Link and smash the barrel open. You'll get a stray fairy. Surface and head over to the balance-like platform you can walk onto that is not closest to you. Unfreeze the ice above it with the fire arrows and you'll be raised. Jump onto the other platform that you can now reach and do the same as before. Hop over to the water switch and turn it. If you want another fairy, walk along the green pipe to the wall (watch out for the real bombchu) and become zora Link. He'll grab onto the pipe above him. Walk along that pipe and fall down when you get to an encased platform. Hookshot the chest across the way and grab the fairy. Go over to the only balance-platform thing you can walk onto and unfreeze the ice on the ceiling again to get to the last platform and out the door.

This room is familiar. Hop into the water as zora Link and swim into the tunnel that is right there (not the one guarded by dexihands.) This takes you right to the propeller room so go down to the bottom and swim into the tunnel you can swim down. There is a stray fairy to the left of where you come in. Sink to the bottom and run along the wall until you see an alcove with a fairy trapped in a bubble. Pop it with your flying fins and surface (you can get it later.) Go to the green pipe and walk along it. Either pop the bubble of the other fairy who is located in the center of the room under the water switch with your fins or arrows and strap on the Great Fairy's mask. Wait for the two fairies to approach you and you should have all fifteen. Use the Song of Soaring and go to the Great Fairy's cave (see
Great Fairy caves for the location.) The Great Fairy of Courage will bless you with double health! Awesome!

Now back to the boss room. Walk along the green pipe and activate the final water switch. Jump onto the now active water spout and jump to the boss! You'll encounter....

GYORG, the Gargantuan Masked Fish

This guy is very annoying and may cause you to use a fairy. To attack it, you must hit his body with something since his mask kind of defends him. Either stand on the platform and use arrows (not charged-up with fire or ice) OR jump into the water and attack using the electric field around the gills to stun him. If you have elected to go into the water, you may also try to sink to the bottom in a corner and when he comes at you, Z-target him and use your flying fins to stun him. Either way, you have to be in the water to fish-fu him when he's stunned. After you've administered some beatdown, get back onto the platform or at least very far away from Gyorg. I'll tell you why.

His one big attack is to eat you. He can only do it while you are in the water, though. So if you are good at jumping on ledges with zora Link, you will do fine! Another attack (which he only uses while you are on the platform) is to ram the platform to try and knock you into the water. If you are no where near the edge, you'll be fine. I believe it delivers no damage (though it sounds like you are getting hit.) He will also line up and swim at the platform, but rather than ram it, he will fly over it (like in the cutscene) and physically try to bring you into the water if you are close to the edge. I have never been hit by it, but it probably does damage and knocks you into the water. I really don't know.

After a few hits, he'll release some small fish out of his mouth to annoy you. Just keep doing what you're doing and if the fish really get in the way, electrify them.

A few more hits should put him away. Go to the center of the room and collect the heart container and take the portal to another cutscene of delicious plot-ness. You can now do a few things including collecting pieces of heart you've missed and helping the Indigo-Gos perform a song in Zora Hall, all of which are completely optional.

When you're ready head out on Epona to West Termina and ...

Ikana Canyon

So you have taken on the swamp creatures, the cold creatures and the fishies, but can you handle the dead? Of course you can! You're Link! There isn't much to do on the first day so skip over to the first night. When you hop over all the fences with Epona, hang a left and dismount. Climb up the little ledge while watching for blue bubbles (see Enemies) and you'll enter the Ikana graveyard. There are many stalchildren guarding a grave of some sort. Leave them alone for now and follow the path to a giant stalchild who seems to be sleeping. Well, we know what to do about that! Play the Sonata of Awakening! He will awaken and rampage!

Here is a quick strategy on how to take him down. He will gain a bit of distance in the beginning during the cutscene and will make it past a marker. Once you approach this marker, a firewall pops up and two stalchildren rise from the ground. I hope you have your Bunny hood and Gilded sword! The stalchildren are close enough together to kill them in one swing! Run up to the next firewall and the next until you catch up with the giant! Slash his feet and he will stop running from you and attack. His first attack is easy to dodge. He just swats at you, but you can attack him well before he does any damage. After a while, he will jump into the air and stomp on you. You see the shadow of where he is going to stomp so you can move out of the way and go back in for some slashing!

After Skull Keeta tells his story, he'll collapse on the ground and give you something in a chest. Hookshot over to the chest and open it to receive the Captain's hat. You now have control of the stalchild army out in the graveyard. Put it on and talk to the stalchild (and try not to kill him (her?)) Tell them to open the grave and they will smash it to bits. Hop right in.

Hop from platform to platform until you get to a room full of keese! Kill them all for a purple rupee then light all the braziers to open the door. Inside you'll find an iron knuckle (see Enemies.) Beat the hell out of him and you'll activate the red curtain behind you. Flat (you should remember him from the Kakariko graveyard in Ocarina of Time!) will tell his story of terrible heartache and the loss of his soul and he asks that you set things straight in Ikana by saving his brother, Sharp. After he stops his complaining, walk up to the stage and z-target the tablet. You'll learn (well, actually you'll remember) the Song of Storms (see Songs.)

Run out of the graveyard and go to the cliff with the ghost sitting on it. After he's finished talking to you, put on Garo's mask and he'll summon a big root that you can hookshot to. Do so and walk along the path with boulders. In the day time, it will have nejiron that come out of the ground if you step near their resting place while at night, blue bubbles take over. Once you enter the next area, you may notice two octoroks jumping in and out of the river. Freeze them with arrows and jump across to the other side. Hookshot up to the platform across the river using the big root sticking out of the ground and then hookshot the next one and then the next one until you reach the owl statue. Smack it with your sword and continue through to the far end of the canyon, behind the music box house. There is a cave there so be adventurous and enter it! You can pop Tingle's balloon and buy the map for the area if you want to... just saying...

OH NO! Sharp is here and he's trying to beat the crap out of you with a conductor's wand! Do as Flat says and play the Song of Storms (did Flat say specifically to play it or was it a riddle?) Anyways, Sharp has a psychotic episode and because of that, the water can flow ever victorious down the canyon. Now you can listen to the funk-box house play its funky jams all day and all night until the moon falls from the sky. ^_^;; The gibdos surrounding the house don't enjoy your style in music and promptly leave, never to return until you restart the cycle.

After the gibdos' departure, a little girl name Pamela will leave the house and stare at the water. If you approach her, she run into the house. You can either wait until she leaves again in the next two hours or you can place a bomb at her door to make her leave. (Yes, even though it is obviously dangerous out with people leaving bombs everywhere, she will still venture on.) Hide on the side of the house that does not have the river flowing beside it and wait. After she is a good distance from the front door (I'd say once she's starting up the ramp on the right, make your move for the door. Go downstairs and get close to the dresser. It will open and a hideous man-beast will come out. Don't attack it, though or Pamela comes back and kicks you out nor should you let him attack you (same thing will happen.) Play the Song of Healing and heal him. His curse turns into the Gibdo mask and you wil witness a touching scene. Awwww. ^_^

For the next part, you will need a blue potion, a powder keg, five magic beans, ten bombs and ten deku nuts. See
Items for how to get them. This part is a pain. I don't like it. Follow the ramp up, take the wooden path around then turn left until you get to an empty well. Make sure you have the blue potion and five magic beans. Descend into the darkness of the well and enter the hole at the bottom in the wall.

First, put on the gibdo mask and talk to the gibdo across from the entrance. He wants the blue potion. Once he has it, he will let you through the door he was blocking. In the next room, go to the left and bottle the fish and some water. Run under the moving spikes and directly across, give that gibdo water. The room he guards has an alcove to the left that you need to burn cobwebs away to get to. Bottle two bugs and head over to the gibdos. Give them the bugs and you will reveal a fairy fountain (the only one in the game!) and a room with an invisible chest containing a purple rupee.

Head out of this room and back to where the gibdo wanted water. The other gibdo in this room wants the fish and that will open up a hot spring, guarded by a dexihand. Remember where this is because you will need it later. Grab another fish and a bug and head back to the room at the entrance. Give the remaining gibdo the five magic beans and be on your way. Watch out for the ice keese that air bombs you when you enter the next room and fill up on some deku sticks in the room on your left. Go to one of the gibdos and give him ten deku nuts. In the next room, the one gibdo wants hot spring water and the other one wants 10 bombs. Give him ten bombs and enter that door. Kill the big poe and bottle it. You'll need it.

Over back where the ice keese was, give the other gibdo a fish. In the next room, one gibdo want a bug and the other wants a big poe. Give the bug to one of them and you will enter a room with three invisible skulltulas and four unlit braziers. Light them to reveal a purple rupee. Now, go all the way back to the hot spring and bottle some water. Remember which gibdo wants it? After you've raced through the well and given it to him, play Epona's song for the cow. She'll give you milk and comment on your moooosic. Now go to the gibdo that wanted the big poe, give it to him and then give that last gibdo the milk. You've done it! You've navigated through the well!

Light all four torches to reveal the hidden treasure of the well. The Mirror shield! o_O;; Looked a lot prettier in Ocarina of Time... Anyways, reflect the light from the giant sunbeam onto the sunblock and the sunswitch on the wall. Climb up the now-evident ladder through the now-unobstructed tunnel and up another ladder into the Ancient Castle of Ikana!

Swing around the corner and enter the castle. Inside is a quartet of redeads (see Enemies.) If you wear the Captain's hat, the Gibdo mask or the Garo's mask, they won't attack you. They'll dance! Four easy kills for rupees! Look around for two switches covered in ice. Melt and activate them to reveal two doors. Go into the room on the left from the entrance. Here you'll have to be a deku scrub. Activate the crystal switch and run for the fourth deku flower in the middle of the room. Let the ceiling fall on you when you're in the flower, launch out to get the ceiling back up, fall to the floor and back in the flower and glide to the switch on the tall platform beside the flower. Step on it as human Link and jump to the next room.

Turn to the left and you can see a switch that is unreachable... until you turn on the lens of truth. Jump onto the invisible platform and activate that switch to open the next door. Kill the two skulltulas hanging from the ceiling and jump from platform to platform until you get to the now-opened door. Put up your shield right away since there are two blue bubbles right at the door. The stone mask is also acceptable. Kill them if you wish... then run up the stairs and through the door. You're outside! ^_^

Walk around until you get to a deku flower and glide to the other deku flower and the switch. Activate it to move a boulder that was blocking a hole and jump for your life (or get the piece of heart in flames (see Pieces of Heart.) Enter the castle again, but go through the right door. Now there is a light beam on the ground! Reflect it onto the giant block and make it disappear. Watch out for the floormaster master hanging around. On the other side of the block is another quartet of redeads. Make them dance if you so please!

In the next room is an old friend, Wizrobe! Use the same strategy as in Snowhead, but use your ice arrows. Paris Hilton, please explain why. "That's hot." Thank you. Yes, he uses fire, not ice. So ice him and continue on. Four more redeads, stairs and door. You're outside again! See the cracked portion of roof? Put your powder keg on it (you did listen to me and come with one before entering the well, right?) Once you have decimated the roof, jump in the hole and you're back at the first room with dancing redeads if you have the right attire. Dissolve the last sunblock and walk through the next few rooms, hopefully while wearing the Captain's hat. You will encountered a mini boss now! First, the lackeys.

I have named them fat lackey and slim lackey. All they do it hack and slash. But.... they don't die... no problem! Shoot the curtains that were closing during the cutscene and some light will shine through. Hit a lackey a few times and reflect the light onto the bones that fall to the floor. He'll disappear. Do the same with the other one and the King of the dead army, Igos du Ikana will attack.

He's a bit harder... but must be killed the same way. His attacks are hack and slash, a poisonous gas that he exhales and he'll take off his head which tracks you. If the head catches you, you will be free game for the king. Hit him when he is open (obviously) and shine some light on the situation. (hahahahaha...)

The two lackeys have a little spaz about feebleness and swords, then Igos comes in and everyone learns a valuable lesson. And YOU learn a valuable song! The Elegy of Emptiness (see Songs.) Now you can head up to the temple. The entrance to the temple is close to where you played the Song of Storms. The entrance looks like a face where the door is the mouth. Enter this new area and jump from platform to platform until you reach the ledge. There is a switch that doesn't stay down once you walk off of it. Play the Elegy of Emptiness while you are standing on the switch as human, goron or zora and now the switch stays down. ^_^

Hookshot up to the next platform and put a statue on the switch. Hookshot to the next platform and yet another statue must be put on a switch. Make sure you are using the form you haven't used yet or else the statue you used first will disappear to make the new one. Cross the now crossable gap and continue hookshoting and creating statues on switches until you arrive to the owl statue. Watch out for beamos (see Enemies) as they are annoying, but very familiar in the Zelda series! Also, if there are three switches lined up in a row, leave those alone. They aren't useful at all! They just mess you up by changing the positons of platforms you have already moved... I guess they are used for going back down the tower, but I always just jump for it if I have to leave for whatever reason.

Once you get to the owl statue, smack it and face the building across the large gap. That is the temple. You will see three switches arranged in a triangle and they must be triggered at specific times. First, the one on the left, then the right then finally the center. Hop across the platforms and enter...

stone tower


This temple is the most fun temple in my opinion! It gets so crazy midway through (and you'll see why!) In the first room are some familiar enemies, a real bombchu and two dragonflies. Kill them or not, shoot the yellow eye switch to reveal a chest. What's inside?? Treasure?? No... just a stray fairy. But look at the colour! This Great Fairy is going to be blonde! Your next destination is the left room. Some more real bombchus are running on the floor and walls so beware. There is a bombable wall directly across the entrance to this room. And there is a chest on the ceiling... odd... >_> Anyways, destroy one of the big blocks with a bomb or by rolling into it. Behind it will be a few smaller boxes, but don't destroy them. Instead pick them up at put them on two of the blue switches to hold them down. There are two more switches that must be weighed down so become either zora or goron Link (goron Link must be on the big switch) stand on the switches and play the Elegy of Emptiness. Once all four are weighed down, the next area will be open.

Another dragonfly and some guay later, you'll see a door that is locked and another that is not, but don't attempt to enter either of them. Instead blow up a chunk of the floor that seems different from the rest of the floor and hop into the now-existing hole. Use your shield to make the sun block disappear. (Heh heh, sun block... I made a funny.) Become goron Link and destroy all the new enemies, the armos (see Enemies.) There are four of them in here and by destroying them all, you will get a small key. Also, at the end of the lava is a chest with the dungeon map in it. Before leaving with your plunder, you can hookshop up above the docile armos statues and get a stray fairy. Now back up the stairs and through the locked door to which you have the key!

I hope you learned how to swim as zora Link cuz you will need some skill when you return here if you so choose. For now, though, hop in as zora Link and swim under the bridge. Get caught by the dexihand and retrieve the small key on the ledge it tosses you to. Jump back into the water and kill the dexihand. Enter the tunnel the dexihand was guarding and sink to the bottom of the new room. There is a switch you must step on and some old enemies to dispose of, but it doesn't do much for you now since the chest that appears is upside down. Surface and get those fire arrows out. Melt and activate the yellow eye switch and another upside down chest appears. You will also notice that there is a beam of light that strikes the floor. You can redirect that onto the mirror-like object with your mirror shield and the mirror will absorb it. Once you stop shining the light from your shield, the mirror will start reflecting it, giving you time to run over and reflect this new light. You can shine the light onto the sun block, but don't go through the door you reveal. It takes you to the beginning room. Instead, pick up the compass from the alcove in the wall and head through the locked door.

This room is a pain if you don't have the Stone mask. Remember that crazy absorbing mirror from the other room. Well, now you have to use two of them to destroy two sunblocks. First, put on the goron mask and punch the pillar until there are no parts of it left. Then slip on the Stone mask since those black boes will constantly run into you if you don't. First, redirect the light into the right most mirror for a good ten or fifteen seconds to give you enough time to run over and redirct the next beam of light to the sunblock on the very right. Once that block is gone, watch out for a nejiron that is guarding the chest containing a stray fairy. You won't have to worry about him popping out of the ground if you are wearing the Stone mask, though. After you have retrieved the fairy, go back to the beam of light coming from the ceiling and reflect the light onto the left most sun's face on the righthand wall. Another treasure chest will be revealed containing another stray fairy. Finally, reflect the light onto the left mirror for a very long time, run over to the beam it creates and reflect that light onto the mirror on the right wall until the beam disappears. Run over to the next new beam and reflect it onto the sunblock at the back of the room and follow me to the next room!

Become goron Link and fall into the lava. You'll see a switch you must pound on to activate. Once activated, do your goron roll around the wall (you'll make a U-shape) and get to the other switch. The switch you pounded got rid of the fire around the next switch, but only for a little bit, so hurry! Activating the second switch made a chest appear on the ledge on the other side of the wall. Go back to where you come into this room, up the ladder and become deku Link. Glide from the flower to the pinkish air stream (this air stream gives deku Link a lift!) and go to the left. There are rupees and a chest with a stray fairy in it. Jump into the air stream and you'll automatically be gliding again. Get either the iron bars or the next air stream and glide to the ledge where the chest appeared before, using one last air stream before getting there.

Entering the next room spawns a miniboss, the garo master (see Enemies.) After defeating him by checking out my sweet bio on him in the Enemies section, he will tell you something about a red emblem and then blow himself up... o_O Riiight. Anywho, open the chest to receive the light arrows! Now your skills is complete. Leave through the door you didn't enter the room in.

The next room has a hiploop with a mask on. Hookshot the mask off its face and it will be the same as the hiploops in the swamp. Kill it and move to the next room and the next challenge. In this hallway is another new enemy, an eyegore (see Enemies.) The only way to get to the next room is to defeat him since he is blocking the whole hallway. Maybe if he'd lose weight, you could squeeze by, but he looooooves Krispy Kreme. Kill him and a chest appears with another stray fairy. Exit the room and you'll find yourself in the room you started in. But now you have the light arrows! Shoot the sun's face at the end of the narrow ledge and another one of those pesky upside down chests appear. So many chests... I wonder if we will ever need them for some reason. Before leaving through the front entrance, if you want to get a stray fairy you couldn't before, read on. If not, then skip the next paragraph.

Go back to the room with the dexihand. Get thrown onto the ledge again and shoot the sun block with a light arrow now that you have one. You will have to swim and jump from the water as zora Link and it may take a few tries, but once you land in the alcove where the sunblock was, hit the switch in the corner behind the beamos and this makes another chest appear. Back into the water and jump to the ledge where the chest appeared. Shoot another light arrow at the sun block and watch the magic happen. Again. Open the chest for that stray fairy.

What did that suicide ninja say? Something about... a Fire Emblem.... the red emblem! You must shoot it with light, connected to an arrow. Isn't it lucky that we just recently found the light arrows? ^_^ Make it so the middle block is moved away from the side of the temple by created a statue on the right switch just as you are coming out of the temple (or on the left if you are facing the temple.) Shoot the emblem with the arrow of light and watch as Link's world is turned upside down. (Lame joke...) You'll gain control of Link on the other side of the canyon, but luckily you do not have to create statues to get across. The blocks are lined up for you. Enter the temple.

Holy crap! It's upside down! *shock!* This temple is especially awesome at night. I suggest checking it out. Run along the path to the chest you revealed before, though it was upside down then. Head to the right, chop the blocks if you are low on hearts and enter the door. Shoot the giant sun block of annoyance and path blockage with a light arrow and you'll be in the room which when right side up had water in it. Now it has air jets for deku Link to fly with. Fly to the right side of the room first, catching some air to give Link the extra height. There is a ledge with a switch that must be held down by a non-deku Link statue to get rid of a ring of fire surrounding a chest. From here, you should be able to see a sun switch just below where the fire went out when you pressed down the statue switch. Light arrow it to reveal an upside down chest (guess we'll have to turn the temple right side up to get it... but not yet.) Glide with deku Link directly across the room to the other air jet (you will lose your momentum and your flower propellers, but regain them once you fall into the jet.) Lean toward the ledge where you just got rid of the ring of fire and open the chest for a stray fairy. Fall down and fight the masked hiploop if you want. Run into the tunnel and activate the switch. Run back and open the chest you just revealed for a small key. If you want to get the last stray fairy, you have to become deku Link and glide from the highest air jet (the one you fell into to get the other stray fairy) near the tunnel. Wait until you have lowered enough and you'll see an alcove below the platform the hiploop was on. Glide into the alcove and get the fairy. After that, jump back into the air jet and glide to the locked door in the corner of the room.

Gah! Lava on the roof! And another red emblem. Shoot the emblem with the power to smite evil (the light arrows...) and goron Link it across the lava. Once you have made it across, shoot the emblem again to right the room. Enter the next room for more upside down horror! This puzzle is indeed a noggin scratcher. But if you follow my instructions, you'll be alright.

Just make sure you are not standing on the Majora block any time you flip the room... this causes Link to die. If you run out of arrows or magic, there is a green chuchu and a yellow chuchu to accommadate your every magic and arrow need. All my directions will be while Link is facing the red emblem. Just so you know ahead of time. Push the block forward as far as it will go. Flip the room. Push it twice away from the emblem then once to the left. Flip the room. Push the block off the little platform it's on and line it up with the Majora space on the floor. Flip the room. Move the block once toward the emblem, flip the room one last time and push the block home in the space on the floor. Yay! Now you may climb on the block, jump onto the ledge and exit the flippy room of monsterous horrors!

Another miniboss?!?! Wizrobe is back from the dead. Only this time, he is of the fire element. So get out our ice arrows and show him that being Link means that Wizrobes never prosper. There is a twist, though. Half the ceiling is made of lava. Watch out for falling... well, lava chunks and watch your map for the red dot. That is the real wizrobe. Once dead, wizrobe's spirit will summon a chest... I guess... Hookshot the chest, open it for a stray fairy and go down the stairs. This is the first time I think you encounter a poe (see Enemies.) You can ignore them, though. Slap the deku mask on and glide across the room to the other ledge. Don't go through the door yet, though. There is an alcove in the right wall you can glide to. And some new monsters, the death armos (see Enemies.) You have to find a switch in the maze so head right then left and it's in an alcove. Step on it and get a statue on it to reveal a chest. Inside that chest is a small key. Looks promising. Go back to the door. You may now enter the next room.

Deku Link needs to glide to where the mines are... but the mines are in the way. Shoot one of them with an arrow and it will collide with another mine, blowing up and giving deku Link some security. Fly over there, hop in the flower and glide to the other door. You'll enter a tunnel with blue bubbles in it. One good money making secret is to shoot these guys with light arrows. They drop fifty rupees each! Walk across the tunnel and into the next room once you've collected your rupees. ^_^ If you get touched by them, you get cursed. To remove the curse, you can wait a minute or play the Song of Storms. You don't want to be cursed in the next room!

MINIBOSS TIME, KIDDOS! Meet Count Chocula, I mean Gomess. He is a vampire like dude who is defending the Boss Key. This fight is pretty easy. Shoot his shroud of keese off with a light arrow, dodge his attempt to hurt you with a side jump (or two) and slice him up once he is finished taking his swing with his scythe. He has an attack if you stay away from him for too long where he launches a wave of keese at you, but nothing too painful. Defeat him good and get the boss key which is in the next room. Go back to the room with the hanging mines and float across the the opposite ledge. Instead of going through the door we used to get in this room, head to the left and go through that door instead. Kill the death armos and step on the switch. Another upside down chest! Hookshot up there and enter the mysterious new door.

Another eyegore. Do what you did before and shoot when you are right in front of him and his eyes goes yellow. His corpse will be a testament to how great you are at this game. It also summons a chest with the giant's mask in it. But you can't use it yet... strange... Go through the door. Hit the crystal switch and another upside down chest will appear on the ceiling. If you want to get all the stray fairies, go back to the beginning by playing the Song of Soaring and read on. If not, skip the next paragraph.

Flip the temple right side up. First, go straight into the alcove in the ground in the first room of the temple and open that chest for a stray fairy. Then head to the room with the mirror and the water to the right of the first room. Become zora Link and sink down to one of the ledges. There is a chest with the 14th stray fairy. The last one is in the room with the masked hiploop and lots of blue rupees. Just fall to the ground and open the last chest. If you want, you can turn in your fairies for the ultimate prize! The Great Fairy's sword. Not very useful in the upcoming boss fight (I actually never use it ever... though, I am told I should.) Once you get the sword which resides outside the temple by the music box house, flip the temple over and head back to the boss door room. Head into the swirling portal and voila, the fourth and final temple boss...

TWINMOLD, the Giant Masked Insect!

A return appearance of Twinmold, the worms that never go away from game to game, console to console. Not much of a strategy to killing him... you must use the Giant's mask to become big enough to compete with them, but the mask uses magic power to wear so make sure you have a full magic meter OR drink some Chateau Romani milk which gives you infinite magic for the whole three day cycle! Now that you are large and in charge, smack the hell out of the face and/or tail of the worms. After a few smacks, each worm's body will disintegrate and the face will fall in the sand.

These worms have no attack really. They fly around in the air for a bit then dive into the sand for safety, only to pop up and fly around again. They damage you when they touch you while flying around. That's it. They have one use, though. If you run out of magic, there are many chunks of rock sitting around the desert (but don't stray too far away from the center... you will get lost and have to begin the boss battle all over again....) If you are close to a rock and out of magic, there is a chance that the worms will run into the rocks and destroy them, yielding magic.

So the strategy... smack, smack, smack, done. Don't forget the heart container. I did the first time I played...

After cutscene goodness, head back to Clock Town! Wait until midnight of the final day and now that you have the power of all four guardians, you can finally put a stop to the skull kid! Once you regain control of Link after a very familiar conversation, play the Oath to Order and rejoice! The guardians stop the moon and you've beaten the game! But... OH NO!!!

Majora's Mask is free and runs into the moon. The very hungry moon! Chase after him and you will find yourself in ...

the moon

Good job. You're in a moon. Well, might as well get to know the inhabitants. Apparently, it is completely feasible that there is a sunny sky and a tree in a moon. Who knew? If you want to get right into the final fight, talk to the kid with Majora's mask. If you want to get the four remaining pieces of heart and the final mask, the Fierce Deity mask, talk to all four of the kids, give them however many masks they want (must be non-transformation masks) and win at their hide and seek games. To get the pieces of heart, see the Pieces of Heart section.

Let's start with the kid wearing the Odolwa mask. He'll ask for one mask. After you hand over a useless mask, play hide and seek. Become deku Link and glide from flower to flower. I hope you've been practicing! The exit is in the far left corner of the room. Not too difficult, I hope. Watch out for the spinning dealies in the center of the room and make sure your timing is true. Talk to the kid when you find him in the next room and give him one more mask. After talking about friends, you'll be brought back to the tree.

Next, the hardest one. The Goht kid. After forking over TWO MASKS, he'll play hide and seek. Goron Link is the way to go. Line up on that straight away, dead center and roll. Once you have the spikes out, release the joystick. Just let him roll. He'll ricochet off the chests and fly off the ramps. Once you see a line of magic pots, stop and walk over the wooden plank. See the platform with the ramps leading up to it to your left? Just let goron Link go and avoid the swirling portal. It takes you back to beginning. Once on the platform, go through the door and talk to the kid, giving up two more masks and getting more confused about friends.

Gyorg kid wants three masks. Jeez, they are getting greedy. This trial is easy. Hop into the water as zora Link and take the right path, then left, left again and finally a right. Talk to the kid, give three more masks ( >_< ) and warp back to the tree. One more trial to go.

Twinmold kid. The final kid. Wants... four... freaking... masks... FOUR! >_O *twitch* There are only four left! Anyways, this trial just measures your swordie skills. This one is also relatively easy. Just make your way through the trials and you'll be a happy camper. First, you'll be up against a dinofols. Then defeat the garo master once you enter the next room. The next room has an iron knuckle in it so beat him up some. Shoot a bombchu at the crack in the wall by letting it go and shooting it with an arrow to explode it as it's riding over the crack. Activate the switch and get to the next room. Do the same bombchu trick as you did before, only this time it's on the ceiling. Fire arrow the next switch and walk your way through that door. The kid will talk more about stuff that is weird and teleport you to the tree after taking your last four masks.

Now you may talk to Majora. If you have given all 20 masks to the kids, he will give you the last mask. The Fierce Deity mask! And enter you into the final fight for Termina... you must inevitably fight...

Majora's Mask!

Pretty wussy for a final boss... or is he (she?)? Yes, he/she is. (No gender assumption here!) If you are using the Fierce Deity's mask, then shame on you. Just z-target and press B until it is defeated. If you're not a CHEATER, then the vunerable part of Majora's mask is the back, where all the tenticles are hanging out. First, wait until you have a clear shot of the back and hit it with an arrow (best to do this when it is spinning around the room since it won't be able to turn and block the arrow.) You can also use zora Link's flying fins if you run out of arrows. Once you peg it, it will fall to the ground and you get a few free smacks at it with your sword. After a few hits, Majora's mask summons its mask friends. Arrow or zora fin them to get them out of the way and concentrate on Majora's mask again. It will have a new ability, a fiery laser so reflect it back with your shield. To hit Majora's mask, it is better to aim the shield while NOT z-targeted.

Majora's mask attacks are easy to avoid. When it is floating in the air, spinning around like a frisbee of death, arrow it or sidejump to saftey. When it summons the boss masks, kill them. It'll eventually shoot lasers at you which are reflectable by your mirror shield. Keep using this strategy and it will die... or will it?

Majora's Incarnation!

A final boss with a second, presumably more powerful form? How original... But alas, this one is less powerful than the original mask. Though it now has a body, its body is weak. Weak like a baby! A baby with ridiculous running speed and the ability to shoot shining, hurty lights. If you are still using the Fierce Deity's mask, z-target and press B. Really, though... is there any other strategy if you are using that mask... The REAL strategy to fighting this guy is simple, hit it with arrows, fins or your sword to trip him up and smack him when it's down. It'll stand up, hold its head and stay still for a bit for some reason, so sword its legs again to make him fall on his face. Lather, rinse, repeat if desired and you SHOULD desire since it will make you win! ^_^ You can also do what Tatl suggests and throw your buff, spiky goron body at it, but it's too small a room to do that, I think.

Its attacks are terrible... It'll run around the room and run over you... Sometimes, it stops and shoots white lights at you which you can sidejump away from. That is all... Smack it for being weak and stupid and it will die... or will it?

Majora's Wrath!

Sooooo... Majora's Incarnation was hooked up to a bicycle pump and now it has WRATH!!!! RRRAAAWWWRRR! This is the EASIEST of the three forms! >_< For the Fierce Deity's mask users, z-target and press B (cheaters ;_; make baby Mario cry.) For those manly men and (insert feminine equivalent to manly here) women, put up your shield, z-target if you want and walk on over to Majora's Wrath. Slash, slash, stab and stab.

Majora's Wrath has very fancy whip attacks. These can easily be blocked with your shield. After the first few hits, Majora's Wrath become more evasive, so you will have to be quick when approaching. It may also kick you or use a rapid whipping attack. After a few more hits (say six or so) it will unleach a new attack. Two tentacles... what can tentacles do...? What do tentacles always do...? They grab you and throw you. It is hard to predict this attack and blocking with your shield does nothing so take it like the Hero of Time! The last attack is does is not really an attack... More like summons giant Beyblades (I'm not kidding, sadly...) and directs them with its tentacles. After a few more smacks with your sword and it will die... or will it? ...Yes, yes it will. Finally. And now, my friends... Termina is safe. ^_^ Everyone is happy and alive, except the deku butler's son, Darmani and Mikau. 99% of the population saved isn't bad, I guess.

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